Ten Things (Plus One) To Think About for 2015

Making 2015 betterIn my last post, I shared some topics to help you create a list for writing success in 2015. Let’s take it one step further today. Writing is just one part of our lives. For some, it’s a huge part. Regardless if you write all the time or write when you get that rare moment, your passion of creating words into art intertwines with your financial, health, social, and life issues.

So, without grandstanding or much ado, here’s a few nuggets to think about as we begin 2015. Continue reading “Ten Things (Plus One) To Think About for 2015”

Writing Resolutions for 2015? A Good Idea?

something motivational - a writer's new year's resolutionWould now be a good time to ask you about New Year’s Resolutions for your writing? I’ve never tried it you see, but this year I’m giving it a go.

By the time you read this the turkey will be a distant memory. Unless, of course, like me you make a massive pot of stock with the bones, put it in the garage for lack of space because the fridge is full of leftover yummies, and then find it in the Spring. Continue reading “Writing Resolutions for 2015? A Good Idea?”

Why We Write: Validation and Satisfaction

rainbowI got to thinking about why we writers write. Why we publish. I was actually watching golf. I know, most people would rather watch paint dry. Bear with me. Jim Furyk, a compatriot Arizona golfer, has played twenty tournaments this year, and has been in the top 25 a total of seventeen times. Ten of those times he’s finished in the top 10, and he’s had three 2nd place finishes, but he has not won at all this year. He’s won a ton of money, yet I have a feeling that it all pales next to that big goose egg in the win column.

It got me to thinking: why do we write? What rewards to we get? The way I see it, there are three factors that can validate our writing and bring satisfaction to us. Continue reading “Why We Write: Validation and Satisfaction”

Get Off Your Duff! 8 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Motivation

Donna FasanoEven the King of Just-Do-It, Tony Robbins, must have days where he feels unmotivated. It’s only natural to find yourself in a slump, every now and then — suffering through days where you just don’t feel like doing anything productive. If you find yourself feeling this way, take heart. You’re not alone. I’ve felt the same way. I have found that, if I allow one day to pass where I don’t write, it easily turns into two, and then three. But I have found a few ways to kick-start my motivation. I hope these suggestions help you get off your duff and get moving in the right direction. Continue reading “Get Off Your Duff! 8 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Motivation”