Smartphone Apps for Writers: Covers by Wattpad

wattpadOne of the neat things about posting your work at Wattpad is that you get to add your own cover art – which, if you’re like me, is a complete afterthought. But Wattpad has come to the rescue with an app that allows you to create a cover for your story while you’re on the go. (Wattpad also has an app that allows you to write a story on your phone or tablet. I can delve into that in a later post, if there’s any interest.)

I have an iPhone, so I found Wattpad Covers in the Apple App Store. There is also a version for Android. I had trouble getting into the app on my iPad, so I’m going to show you what it looks like on the iPhone – and I’ll tell you right now that it does a perfectly adequate job of whomping up a quick cover for your story. Continue reading “Smartphone Apps for Writers: Covers by Wattpad”

What Can Wattpad Do for You?

wattpadI first heard about Wattpad from a post right here on Indies Unlimited. At that time, I was trying to find outlets to publish my YA sci-fi for free so readers could discover it. I checked into Wattpad and found it quite easy to set up an account and get rolling. Continue reading “What Can Wattpad Do for You?”

One Billion Reader Views on Wattpad = Publishing and Movie Deal

wattpadJust like the redheaded girl from science class, Wattpad often goes unnoticed, and is usually underestimated. Wattpad is a site where authors can post stories or segments of their stories and readers can read them and interact with the author. Currently it’s one of the top one thousand most viewed websites in the U.S. and is in the top fifteen hundred worldwide (according to Alexa). Those are exceptionally impressive rankings. The site boasts thirty-five million readers, and because Wattpad is mobile-friendly, most readers are reading on their portable devices. Although Young Adult releases seem to be their most popular categories, there is serious traffic in all genres. Continue reading “One Billion Reader Views on Wattpad = Publishing and Movie Deal”

Fighting for Focus

Kathy RoweSummer’s almost over and I find myself languishing in writer’s hell. The kids here in Kentucky are getting ready to go back to school, and I personally feel I have little to show for it in a literary sense. Sure, the first six months of the year I was busy publishing three new books, but after June, things got blurry. Where had my focus gone? How could I get it back?

It’s hard juggling two very different careers. Farming requires a lot of outdoor work, while writing is usually reserved for the relative peace of my office—although having six dogs in the house means it’s never truly quiet! And then there’s a new other factor: my husband and I decided to expand the poultry side of our farm business. So I’ve spent the last three-plus months dealing with baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys. Oh, sure, they look adorable and everyone wants to cuddle them, but they are A LOT of work. Collecting eggs, checking incubators, feeding, cleaning, rotating into larger homes, and finally hoping the rest of the flock will accept them, is a time sucking task. I’ve spent more hours covered in feathers and poop than pounding out my next great masterpiece. Continue reading “Fighting for Focus”