Yvonne Hertzberger, author

What do you get when you put three women who have never met, from three different countries (Canada, England and the Netherlands) together in a room for an afternoon? And what if all three belong to the same group, under the iron control of the same evil mastermind? Give up? Read and learn. Heh heh.

Yesterday we held the first meeting of the Ontario Chapter of Indies Unlimited, henceforth to be named the Secret Sisters Society. Membership will be limited to female writers who need to bond together to withstand the brainwashing and manipulation of our evil mastermind. Psst, ladies, keep this under your hats, OK? If the guys hear about it they will want in – and there goes the neighbourhood. Continue reading “THREE WOMEN; ONE HIDEOUT”

Featured Author K.B. Schaller

Author KB Schaller

Master’s Degree former educator, painter, journalist and poet KB Schaller once taught creative arts in a Seminole Indian Reservation academy and the learning disabled in public school systems.

Her true love, though, has always been creating her own fantasy world. As a school girl, her first story began as an English composition, How the Mermaid Learned to Swim, which she decided to illustrate. Her “blockbuster” went for ten cents a copy.

As she began to appreciate more deeply her Cherokee/Seminole heritage, her focus shifted to issues regarding Native Americans.

Her debut novel, Gray Rainbow Journey won a USA Book News National Best Books Award for Multicultural Fiction, and was a Finalist in both Religion and Mystery-Suspense in the same competition.

Schaller is an occasional contributor to the Seminole Tribune and Indian Life newspapers. Also a guest blogger, she writes historical and opinion pieces that focus on Native issues.

She is a member of the Native American Journalists Association, Florida Freelance Writers, Florida Publishers Association, LinkedIn sites and other writers organizations.

Born in North Florida, Schaller has also lived in Mississippi and the Florida Everglades.

She resides in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area and is currently writing a third novel in the Journey series. Continue reading “Featured Author K.B. Schaller”

Featured Author: J.L. Murray

Author J.L. Murray

J.L. Murray was born in a brothel in Amsterdam, and at the age of three was adopted by a roving band of literary gypsies. They taught her to smoke, drink whiskey, and wax poetic by the age of five, and taking the reins, J.L. started writing on a typewriter she found in a dumpster.

She can be found these days at her writing blog, She is also known to frequent the popular short story site,, where her edgier short stories can be found.

J.L. is the bestselling author of the Niki Slobodian novels Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and The Devil Is a Gentleman, as well as the upcoming zombie parable, The Drilling Fields, out Fall 2012.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Niki Slobodian sees things — things that aren’t supposed to be there. Labeled an Abnormal by New Government, her name is tacked onto the Registry, which seems to be getting longer these days. Now she can’t work or she’ll end up the same place as her father: in prison. But with no money coming in, Niki’s getting desperate.

So when a mysterious client offers to get her off the Registry in exchange for taking his case, Niki jumps at the chance. All she has to do is round up a homicidal Dark that’s escaped from Hell and is cruising around the city in borrowed bodies. The murders are piling up, with Niki’s notorious father somehow involved, and Niki’s running out of time. And it seems the Dark isn’t the only thing that escaped…

 This title is available from Amazon.

Video Trailer: Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds – The Butterfly

On her return from Yetzirah, the magical world she and her twin sister Elena first visited as children, Elise discovers that a butterfly has come back with her. But this is no ordinary butterfly. Crafted of silver wire and sapphires by one of the pocket wizards it should not have been able to cross the barrier, and it should not have been able to fly without magic, yet it has done both of these things.

This event, and others which follow, lead Elise and her friends to believe that the barrier between our world and Yetzirah is weakening. If the barrier falls it would mean the end of both worlds. To reach the only one who can help Elise needs her sister’s help, but will Elena help save a world in which she no longer believes?

Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds – The Butterfly is available from Amazon or Smashwords.