Psst….I’m a Writer

Alright! This is top secret information. I have confidential and restricted data that cannot reach the ears of the ‘not one of us’. They are out there. I see them everyday. Ignorant faces pasted upon wobbly heads, they swirl and contort, exuding meaningless froth from misplaced orifices.

My ‘never to be revealed’ encounters with them have left me tongue-tied. My otherwise pompous brain quietly switches off, leaving me incapable of intelligent dialogue. Faint whispers flee my lips, their battered frames jumping to harsh premature deaths. This makes them smile, they enjoy the discomfort. The air around us is heavy with guilt and insecurity, suffocation humbly waits its turn. Continue reading “Psst….I’m a Writer”

Myspace is Back!

They’re back! Yup, the New Myspace has been rebranded and re-launched. What? You didn’t know the old one was gone? Technically, it never was really gone, just forgotten about.

Myspace has rebranded itself as a social entertainment network. It focuses heavily on music and comes off as a cross between Tumblr and Pinterest. Myspace is currently in “beta” test. There is suppose to be connectivity with Facebook and Twitter, but as of this writing, the functionality was not working.

In order to sign up, you can request an invite here. Although, by the time this post goes live, you may be able to just sign up at Continue reading “Myspace is Back!”

Do Write and Fear Naught

In the community of authors, there are those for whom writing is in their souls. It is who they are, what they do. For some, writing is a calling. I respect that. I think there is something noble in it. I will leave it to those who share that level of passion for writing to explain it in their own words, because that’s not me.

My nature is that of an entertainer. I like to provoke discussion, thought, reflection or laughter in others. For me, telling or writing stories is one way to do that. In order to accomplish that, it is not enough to write; what I write must be read by others. On some level, I think that is why everyone writes. When someone announces that they wish to speak, they are not actually saying they want to utter words – they could do that anytime. What they mean is that they wish to be heard. Continue reading “Do Write and Fear Naught”

A Pantser’s morning monologue upon sitting down to write.


What the Aytch-Eee-Double Hockey Stick am I doing here? I mean here in the middle of this book? Did I not have a plan when I started this? What has been going on for the last ten chapters, and why-oh-why do I have all these characters off in different places doing different things? For the love of Virginia Woolf, every narrative is supposed to have a central trunk from which all the other stuff branches out – I swear somebody told me that in a class at some point – and all I have here is a thorn bush!

Hey, a squirrel out the window. Look at him go… Continue reading “A Pantser’s morning monologue upon sitting down to write.”

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