Sneak Peek: Assegid Habtewold’s Redefining Leadership

Redefining Leadership CoverToday we get a sneak peek of author Assegid Habtewold’s book Redefining Leadership:

It’s time to think outside the box about leadership and how you perceive it.

Redefining Leadership is available in print on and can also be ordered from Infinity Publishing

From Redefining Leadership:

The purpose of this book is to declare the fact that we all were designed, and birthed into this world to lead a distinct path, nothing else. It enlightens all of us that leadership is the untapped heritage we all receive as we are born into this world. The book emphasizes that leadership plays a critical role in pursuing the reason of our respective existence as human beings, and enables us not only to succeed but also fulfill in life. If this knowledge is embraced and practiced, the author hopes that the honor of humankind would be restored. The whole creation would then be in a position to achieve its fullest and prestigious potential or realize its great expectations.

Towards this end, ‘Redefining Leadership’ challenges the existing leadership definitions and some conventional perspectives that don’t embrace the aforementioned truths and deter individuals to seek out their uniqueness through leadership. The new definition widens the scope of leadership and enables each individual in this planet to claim it as a birthright. It reintroduces the concept of leadership as a matter of fulfillment rather than a job, career or calling preserved for the privileged few. The author argues that the reason why someone wants to lead should not primarily be to lead, inspire, or influence others though these could be some of the by-products. It should be to know and lead oneself towards fulfillment in life. Of course, in between, there could be other fruits and benefits that come from leading self to achieve fulfillment.

The book also repaints the image of leadership and disassociates it from some past misconceptions and biases that prevented many from claiming and practicing leadership. The book further provides insights on how to embrace and practice leadership as a life pattern. It challenges the common understandings such as leadership being about occupying positions, having titles, benefiting individually, exercising authority over others, and so on but rather something we embrace and practice on a daily basis and regardless. Through the process, however, we may found and/or lead organizations, take positions, and meet other obligations as members of our family, community, organization, and citizens of our nation and the world at large.

Therefore, this book awakens the giant leader in you and introduces you to the possible benefits you may harvest and enjoy if you decide to practice leadership. It also enlightens you to understand some of the major bottlenecks and impediments that may deter you from claiming your leadership birthright with the hope that you deliver yourself and come out ready to lead.

In conclusion, the book equips you to lead following your own unique path and to gain fulfillment. It suggests nine progressive leadership attributes you need to break through barriers and equip yourself to lead! It is also a book that calls upon all stakeholders to embrace the golden idea of making everyone a leader of its distinctive destiny, which in turn guarantees collective fulfillment and harmonious living here on earth.[subscribe2]


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