Kristina Jackson and L.A. Tripp Launch Inspiring Indies

Indie authors need all the help we can get—every single edge can make a difference in getting our book in front of more readers and help establish our brands.

I did not invent blogging, contrary to wildly inaccurate claims being made in the upcoming autobiography I am now writing. Nonetheless, I was touched when Kristina Jackson reached out to let me know she and Toney L.A. Tripp were starting a blog to help indie authors. It made me feel like the Godfather. I blessed her and sent her on her way, reminding her that the day may come when I will ask her for a favor. I don’t want her to worry about it. That day may never come—except it will. I’m thinking a week from Tuesday. Continue reading “Kristina Jackson and L.A. Tripp Launch Inspiring Indies”

Tools for Editing Manuscripts by LM Preston

YA Author LM Preston
YA Author LM Preston

Editing is a big issue for many writers. Not to mention that one doesn’t usually have the money to pay for a professional editor prior to submitting their novel to Lit Agents or Publishers.

But there is software available to help a writer tighten up their manuscript prior to sending it out for submission. In cases of publishing their own works, using these tools can help get a manuscript as clean as possible prior to sending it to an editor.


Editors are human. They make errors, don’t find things, and unknowingly miss obvious errors in works also. No book is without room for improvement. An author should always try to get their work in the best possible shape BEFORE it goes to the editor to ensure that their work is represented at its best.  Continue reading “Tools for Editing Manuscripts by LM Preston”

Valerie Douglas Added to Indies Unlimited Team!

Author Valerie Douglas

I am very pleased to announce that the ubiquitous and much-respected author Valerie Douglas will be joining Indies Unlimited as a contributor. Val is a prolific and multi-genre author who has appeared here on the blog several times.

Val has been and will continue to be a force in the indie community, mentoring and supporting others, and championing the cause of indie authors.

Unfortunately for Val, she also has a wicked sense of humor, which will make her a great fit for this outfit. and we are all very excited about having her on board. On behalf of Kat, JD, Ed, Cathy and myself, we extend a warm IU welcome to Valerie Douglas and invite all of you to do the same.


Readers Digest UK 100 Word Competition

Readers Digest UK’s  100-word story competition was such a hit when they launched it last year that they’ve decided to do it all over again.

How to enter

▪  Send your stories—which should be original, unpublished and exactly 100 words long—to [email protected] by January 31, 2012.

▪  There are three categories—one for adults, and two schools’ categories: one for children aged 12–18, and one for children under 12.

▪  In the adult category, the entry voted best by our panel of judges will each receive £1,000, and two runners-up will receive £100 in book tokens.

▪  In each of the school categories, the prize for the winner is £500 of high-street vouchers of their choice, and £500 for their school. Mark each entry either “Adults”, “Schools 12–18 category” or “Schools under-12 category”. Winning entries will be published in a future issue.

For more information:

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers.  We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition.  Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering.