TJ Perkins’ Art of the Ninja, Shadow Legacy

Art of the Ninja CoverToday we get a sneak peek of author TJ Perkins novel Art of the Ninja, Shadow Legacy:

Growing up ninja in a modern world with ancient customs is difficult, but the Japanese government still has need of them. Training in the Chaio village, home of the best ninja, Duncan Kimura dreams of one day being chosen for the elite special forces–the Black Dragon Squad. But his dreams won’t become a reality if he can’t control his destructive rage that threatens everyone around him.

Faced with a foe unlike any other, Duncan must overcome his own fears and the raging anger bursting within him to save the woman he loves from certain death. Follow him through his trials and challenges as he will either lose himself to his rage and become a threat to all he knows and loves, or triumph and become the ninja his people expect of him.

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The Accounting

It is important to stay ‘in shape’ as a fiction writer.  Today, I gave myself the writing prompt “It was done”.  A goal: 500 words. And one hour. Here is the result.

It was done.  Something about the finality was comforting, but it was also terrifying.  It raised the hair on my neck and sent tingling doubts darting like swallows through the darkening of my mind.  My mind.  Oh, I could remember when it had been mine.

It was done.  The gun felt heavy and smoke filtered softly from the short barrel.  The shot had been a surprise.  So fast.  So final.  Weeks and months of agonizing and questioning and wondering if I was mad.  And it was over so quickly.

It was in the things she said!  Hidden, encrypted daggers behind innocent conversation.  And her eyes.  Did I get the message?  Oh yes.  There were nibbling doubts from the beginning.  Maybe I was seeing something that wasn’t there?  Maybe I was becoming a tad forgetful…overworked.  But then she would tweak the paranoia.  Her eyes would twinkle the understanding.  I could never ask about it.  She knew that.  That was her trump card.

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What’s Goodreads Good For? by Laurie Boris

Author Laurie Boris
Author Laurie Boris

Last year, I attended a workshop given by a local published author on how to promote your book on social media. “Goodreads?” she sneered, in response to an audience member’s question about the site. “I don’t know anyone who’s on Goodreads.”

Uh…well, there are LOTS of people on Goodreads. And they love books. I mean, seriously love books. Some members of this community read hundreds of books a year. They talk about them. Review and rate them. Many blog about them.

Yeah, Goodreads can be buggy, like so many other social media sites, and isn’t the most intuitive place out there. But its many features outweigh the occasional glitch. For one, you can maintain a “bookshelf” of books you’re reading, have read, and plan to read, so you can make friends based on common interests and favorite books or authors. You can join a multitude of groups and grow into the community. Participate in a book club, and read and comment on the selection of the month. You can become “fans” of your favorite authors and follow their reviews and blogs. Continue reading “What’s Goodreads Good For? by Laurie Boris”

Choosing the Right Editor for You By Ally E. Peltier

Ally Peltier
Editor & Writer Ally Peltier

Did you know nearly 3 million books were published in 2010? That’s a lot of noise to get through, especially for indie authors. To get an edge, many hire freelance editors to review and edit their manuscripts. But with individuals and companies offering everything from rewriting to reviewing, how does one choose the right editorial service?

First, identify which service you need.

Book doctoring: With this editing/rewriting hybrid, a pro dives in and “fixes” your manuscript rather than showing you how to fix it, as editors do. This is best for those unable to write a publishable book (for lack of time or skill), and who want to get their book out ASAP.

Developmental/substantive editing: This service examines issues such as plot and character development, use of dialogue and setting, conflict/tension and pace, and audience suitability. You’ll get the big-picture feedback you need to tackle your revisions and enrich your story. [Some consider “substantive editing” the same as “line editing” (see below).] Continue reading “Choosing the Right Editor for You By Ally E. Peltier”