South American Short Story Writing Contest is looking for the best possible short stories from writers located in any country. Winning prize is $100 USD and publication in Deadline is 30 March 2012. Candidates must have previous writing experience either in a print publication or on-line in a blog.

Submit entries along with links to any work you have published to [email protected]. There is no reading fee. They are interested in quality writing.

For more information, visit their website.

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Meet the Author: T.J. Perkins

Author T.J. Perkins

T.J. says her writing style is fun and imaginative. She says, “I write with such vivid imagery that the reader can’t help but to see the scenes unfold in their minds. You can’t help but put yourself in the main character’s shoes.”

She finds her inspiration in bits and pieces from every day happenings in her life or from others. She then twists them, shapes them and bends them into something so unreal that she says it could be real. That sounds like a typical Saturday night for me.

T.J. says the hardest part of writing is starting a story and ending a story. She says she will go walk and exercise to work out a situation and find a resolution. Continue reading “Meet the Author: T.J. Perkins”

Kristen James Announces New Release

How to be a Full-Time Writer, by Kristen James

Friend and author Kristen James contacted me with some exciting news about her latest release:

“Hi Stephen, I wanted to share my new release with you, called How to Be A Full Time Writer. I thought some of your fans might find it useful if they’re interested in using writing to earn money outside of writing fiction, or even with ghostwriting fiction. It’s how I created my work from home job.”

Continue reading “Kristen James Announces New Release”

Listmania – why is it important? by Rosanne Dingli

Author Rosanne Dingli.  Photo Credit Jill Beaver
Author Rosanne Dingli. Photo Credit Jill Beaver

Amazon is the mecca for readers of all kinds, and it is fast becoming one of the world’s most innovative publishers. So it has turned itself into a place for authors and readers to interface. Few others do it so successfully and with such apparent ease. The facilities Amazon offers make it the online traffic cop for books. It’s where people look first for direction. If a book is not on Amazon, it’s virtually invisible. Whether or not people make actual purchases there, it’s where they go to seek books. One way they look for the next thing to read is on Listmania!

In an age where the sheer quantity of available reading material can be overwhelming, readers like recommendations of different kinds. Listamania! is where lots are to be found. Recommendations in list form are rather special, because they group books by certain criteria. They can save time, they can prevent confusion and disappointment, and they can introduce a reader to new books and authors, sometimes in unusual combinations. Continue reading “Listmania – why is it important? by Rosanne Dingli”