The Carolina Quarterly

The Carolina Quarterly welcomes unsolicited submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, book reviews, and visual art. Electronic submissions are accepted year-round, for a small processing fee.  Mail submissions are not accepted during the summer months of May, June, July, and August. Expect four to six months for a decision.

For more information on submissions, please visit their website.

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Meet the Author: Marcia Quinn Noren

Author Marcia Quinn Noren

Marcia Quinn Noren is the author of Joan of Arc: The Mystic Legacy. This  is a nonfiction biography that began as a series of essays. Two of those were published by a Berkeley anthropologist who required a scholarly format and academic style; including references, quotations and endnotes.

Marcia says, “That set the tone for the book, but my intention is to engage the reader’s emotions, while stimulating their interest in Joan’s history within the broader framework of Late Medieval France. Eventually, a consistent, less formal voice emerged. Another challenge was organizing the placement of thirty-seven color photographs from my three field trips to France and direct quotations from Joan’s trial records, without interrupting the book’s momentum and flow.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Marcia Quinn Noren”

Special Guest: Dannye Williamsen

Dannye Williamsen

I became a self-published author for the first time in 2004 with my husband. We produced a 5 CD audiobook titled “It’s Your Move! Transform Your Dreams From Wishful Thinking To Reality.” It was a Bronze Award winner in ForeWord Magazine’s 2004 Book of the Year Awards. Shortly after that, we moved to the Atlanta, GA, area. Since then, I have published a book of metaphysical essays with journal pages included titled, “Metaphysical Minute – Philosophy on the Run.” One of the most popular essays is my metaphysical interpretation of the movie, The Matrix.

When the P.O.D. publishers like CreateSpace came onto the scene, I chose to follow that route rather than having to deal with inventories. I published two business books there based on the philosophy of the Creative Process—“The 12-Step Business Plan For The Solopreneur” and “The Creative Model For The Solopreneur” When I published my two novels, I employed both CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. Continue reading “Special Guest: Dannye Williamsen”

Moving the Velvet Rope – by Stephen Hise

There are and have long been exclusive clubs. Some exert their exclusivity through means of social status or wealth. That’s why Cousin Eddie won’t be seen golfing at Snobmore Country Club. Others use the velvet rope and a bouncer who makes the individual decision as to whether someone is cool enough to get in. Often, the decisions of the bouncer seem enigmatic, capricious, and objectionable to those on the wrong side of the velvet rope.

That model of exclusivity is the one used (or perhaps imposed) by the traditional publishing industry. Their idea being to preserve the integrity of the written word by selectively choosing those who would produce the written word. What a great idea. I wonder how that worked out. Continue reading “Moving the Velvet Rope – by Stephen Hise”