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Writer's Digest LogoWriter’s Digest has been shining a spotlight on up and coming writers in all genres through its Annual Writing Competition for more than 80 years. The winning entries will be on display in the 81st Annual Writer’s Digest Competition Collection.

Prizes include a chance to win $3,000 in cash, national exposure for your work, one on one attention with four editors or agents, and a paid trip to the ever-popular Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City!

Entry fees vary. Deadline is May 15, 2012.

For more information, please visit their website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers. We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition. Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering.

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4 thoughts on “Writer’s Digest Writing Competition”

  1. Color me unimpressed. For profit company charges fees to enter writing contest? Folks, experienced writers have been warning newer writers about this sort of scam since long before I was walking around.

    Thousands of writers pay to enter, WD kicks out a few grand to winners, and pockets a tidy sum from preying on hopeful writers. Remember: contests with entry fees are generally not worth entering.

    The pop-up for Abbott Press when you go to their site should be an instant clue. Abbott Press, a cooperative venture between Writers Digest and Author Solutions. Author Solutions, better known as the predatory company running a dozen or so assorted "scam the writer" companies under various names.

    WD stopping being a writer's ally when they partnered with folks who make their living by ripping writers off.


  2. Strange. When I went to the site to read up on the contest information, I found no such links to Author Solutions. ??

    I could have just missed them, I'm sure. But all I saw were ads for the magazine and one for Audible.com. Down quite a ways was an obvious Adsense type banner with less than "reputable" looking ads in it; however, I know from my own Adsense banner that Google selects what runs there, not the author of the page.

    Still not saying the contest is worth it or not but Writer's Digest does have a long, reputable reputation for legitimacy. A little research may be required and, as always, caution used when entering into any fee-based competition.

  3. The ad was a pop-up. If you have a blocker on you might miss it.

    The ad is not the point though. The point was WD partnered with one of the worst scam the writer corporations out there to generate Abbott Press – a subsidy press with a business model which is as bad for writers as anything Publish America or Authorhouse have ever come up with.

    But WD felt OK using their name and reputation to co-found Abbott. WD is now making money from Abbott Press scamming writers. I'm very uncomfortable supporting anything WD does at this point. When they elected to actively support scam operations with their name and reputation, they lost any reason for writers to respect or trust them.

  4. Thanks for this. It clarifies why, when I searched for their contest entry form, I kept getting magazine ads. Glad to know it wasn't because of my paltry tech skills.

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