Video Trailer: Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds – The Butterfly

On her return from Yetzirah, the magical world she and her twin sister Elena first visited as children, Elise discovers that a butterfly has come back with her. But this is no ordinary butterfly. Crafted of silver wire and sapphires by one of the pocket wizards it should not have been able to cross the barrier, and it should not have been able to fly without magic, yet it has done both of these things.

This event, and others which follow, lead Elise and her friends to believe that the barrier between our world and Yetzirah is weakening. If the barrier falls it would mean the end of both worlds. To reach the only one who can help Elise needs her sister’s help, but will Elena help save a world in which she no longer believes?

Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds – The Butterfly is available from Amazon or Smashwords.

Author Carol Wyer Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited

Author Carol Wyer

Carol Wyer has been a Facebook author friend and supporter for a long while. She is witty and funny and multi-talented.  She also flies helicopters, and I need an airborne platform for the laser death ray. I am delighted to welcome Carol to the Indies Unlimited syndicate.

Carol is an ex-teacher and linguist who used to tear around the streets of Casablanca on a VéloSoleX (you may need to look that one up) avoiding donkeys.

Having spent the last two decades trying out all sorts of new challenges such as kick boxing, scuba diving and flying helicopters she has calmed down a little and now is learning to paint, attempting to teach herself Russian (although she doesn’t seem to progress much past ‘dva pivo’ – two beers) and writing a series of novels and articles which take a humorous look at getting older.

She is currently putting the final touches to Surfing in Stilettos, the sequel to the award-winning Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, much to the dismay of her permanently neglected husband who will once again have to put up with ready-made meals and a dusty house.

To learn more about Carol, go to or follow Carol on Twitter: @cewyer.

Please welcome  Carol Wyer to the Indies Unlimited family.

The Dope on Kindle Select

Note: When I say ‘the dope’, that is me being hip, not me referring to myself.

Alright kids, let’s talk about KDP Select (Amazon Kindle’s exclusive ‘we will crush you if you defy us’ program). My first 90 days are about up for ‘Joe Café’. I almost forgot to use all my free promotion days (what can I say, time flies, and I am a moron). It will be free today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Tell your friends…tell your enemies, your postman, your hairdresser, your twitter followers and Facebook pals, your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. But this isn’t just an ingenious way to promote the three free days I almost blew…no, my friends; I am actually going to educate you (but seriously, the more people that download the book FOR FREE, the better my daughter’s bones will develop due to nutritious meals – no pressure – she likes eating recycled paper just like the rest of us).

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Featured Authors: Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk

David and Neil Yuzuk

Neil L. Yuzuk, born in Brooklyn, NY worked as a sales rep before returning to college at age 40. After Graduation, he worked as a NYC Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor.

After Neil retired in 2009, his full-time police officer and part-time actor son David said, “Hey Pops, why don’t you write a screenplay for me?“ and he did, “The Devil’s Troll.”

“I’d never written a screenplay before,” said Neil, “but I did a lot of research, came up with a big backstory, and the hunt for a serial killer was written. The characters felt as if I’d known them all my life. It was a great writing experience.”

When David had an idea for an original screenplay, a redemption story—“Schindler’s List,” with cops. They wrote, “The Reluctant Knight.” Continue reading “Featured Authors: Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk”