Story Time: Homophones

Author Shaun McLaughlin


by Shaun J. McLaughlin

“Hey, Ninja Nerd. Where’s my homework?”

Cathy ignored the interruption and continued reading her e-book. She savoured every second of time on the single tree-shaded bench in the barren schoolyard, a rare oasis in their industrial neighborhood. And, she had no need to visually identify the speaker. Everyone at school recognized big Kathy’s snarl.

“Yah, Ninja Nerd. Where’s our homework?”

Cathy shuddered at the ensemble growl of the Swarm, the cabal of tough girls that shadowed Kathy. She had no fear of Kathy one-on-one, despite her reputation for pummelling other students of either gender. Cathy’s black belt gave her the edge she needed—and the first part of her hated nickname. However, she couldn’t take on the Swarm too. She rose as the gang encircled her. Continue reading “Story Time: Homophones”

Video Trailer: Summer Storms by Rebekah Lyn

Four hurricanes ravage Orlando in the summer of 2004. Elizabeth Reynolds, a hotel concierge, is experiencing her own personal storms. After months of dreaming and searching for a home to restore, Lizzie finds the perfect opportunity only to face possible destruction from Hurricane Charley. She’s counting on her contractor Jeffrey for help, but he’s distracted, grieving the loss of his fiancé Camylle.

Just when her home is repaired, a new storm wreaks havoc as Hurricane Frances bears down as Hotel Lago staff host a wedding with international guests. Lizzie learns sometimes the most destructive storms are those of the heart.

Rebekah Lyn’s religious fiction book Summer Storms is available on and at Barnes & Noble.[subscribe2]

Sneak Peek: MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY by Jeff Rasley

Today we have a sneak peek from author Jeff Rasley’s historical sports fiction book MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY: The Worst Team in College Football?: 

Monsters of the MidwayWas this ragtag band of precocious intellectuals the worst, or the most courageous, team in college football? From 1892 until the 1930s the legendary Monsters of the Midway dominated college football. However, in 1939 the University of Chicago dropped out of the Big Ten and killed its varsity football program.

But now, it’s 1969 and football is back. The resurrection of Chicago football hasn’t brought the Monsters back to life. The team plays more like the lab mice of the Midway. The new Maroons are called “the worst team in college ball” by People Magazine. But this under-sized and outnumbered team is also compared to the hero of Troy courageously facing Achilles. They lose game after game. Yet, guys whose IQ is greater than their weight refuse to give up their mission to win one for their old coach, Wally Hass. Wally’s goal is to win one more game before he retires which would make his 100th victory as a coach.

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY: The Worst Team in College Football? is available at Continue reading “Sneak Peek: MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY by Jeff Rasley”

The Joy of Reading Aloud

Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand:
Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!

Second Fig, Edna St. Vincent Millay

There are childhood memories that are so precious to us that we keep them deep inside. They sit in our mind wrapped like a Christmas present under the tree and we get to open them again, and again, and again. We gaze at these gifts with anticipation, knowing the treasure within. We may think that these memories are unique to us. As we grow older we realize that many other people were fortunate, like us, to have had the same childhood experiences. They hold the same precious memories deep in their heart.

As I carefully remove the wrapping paper from one high, square box and lift the lid, I see four children listening with rapt attention to the beautiful woman reading, “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Their faces are eager as they follow the rhythm of the poem. There won’t be a lot of presents under the tree the next morning. But this memory, the joy of being read to, is the eternal gift that will remain long after the toys are broken and discarded. Continue reading “The Joy of Reading Aloud”