Self Publishing Is Not Out of Control by Richard Brawer

Author RIchard Brawer
Author Richard Brawer

I recently read a blog titled: “9 Reasons Self Publishing Is Out of Control.”

I responded with the following:

The same thing can be said about blogs. You have to take into consideration that people like to express themselves, and self publishing and blogging has given them a voice.

I am an avid reader. Before small presses and self publishing the only books we could read were the ones the big publishers “chose” for us to read. I’m sure you’ll agree that some of them were pretty bad, just like the author of the article says that some self published books are bad. Continue reading “Self Publishing Is Not Out of Control by Richard Brawer”

Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari

Alex Canton-Dutari

[This is a golden oldie—it ran on Indies Unlimited back on October 9, 2011.]

Author Alex Canton-Dutari (Alejandro Cantón-Dutari) was born in the Republic of Panama in 1944, where he still resides. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and worked in the field of clinical sexology from 1967 to 2006.  Though retired from clinical practice, his grandson, Dieguito insists he is not retired because,  “Abuelito, you write books.”

Alex is a widower with three boys and four grandchildren.  He describes himself as  a humanitarian by belief and actions, and stays interested in world affairs.

He is a prolific indie author who has published short novels, a textbook on sex therapy, two self-help books on sexual orientation and many scientific articles. He is not the kind of man who’ll be nervous or put off by the fact that this interview may be read by upwards of a dozen people. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari”

Book Junkies’ Journal

Annarita Guarnieri
Cathy Speight
Sue Palmer

As the most interesting man in the world says, “I’m not always on facebook, but when I am, I’m usually at Book Junkies.” I paraphrase, but I’m sure that was the sentiment.

Reader/reviewer Sue Palmer, along with Annarita Guarnieri and Cathy Speight (Book Junkies one and all) have set up an online magazine for the ever-growing Book Junkies community. The Book Junkies’ Journal will be a quarterly magazine to allow all contributors plenty of time to prepare their pieces, be it a short story (the author will of course keep the rights – this will merely be a showcase for his/her story), or a resumé of their book, or a contribution to the chosen subject for that issue.

Annarita says, “This is a new enterprise for us all, which we hope will evolve and may even change in time, either with the addition of new pages or modifying existing ones. What we really want is to give a voice to all the Book Junkies members, to offer more exposure to the writers, and something more to read to readers.”

I had the honor of being among the first indie authors interviewed for the journal. You can see that interview here. I can tell you the interview process is quite thorough. I won’t need a checkup for a while.

We at Indies Unlimited wish the Book Junkies’ Journal great success and encourage everyone to drop by and check them out.

Sneak Peek: What Happiness Looks Like by Karen Lenfestey

Today we have a sneak peek from author Karen Lenfestey’s romance novel, What Happiness Looks Like.

What Happiness Looks LikeJoely Shupe had a vision of what her thirties would look like: she’d be the mother of two, finger painting with her kids during the day and cooking dinner for her loving husband at night. Instead she’s a single mother struggling to provide for her young daughter.

Suddenly her ex-fiancé, Jake, shows up claiming he’s ready to parent the daughter he abandoned five years ago. Joely is more interested in Dalton, who offers to take care of her the way no man ever has. Should Joely risk her daughter bonding with someone new or with the man who broke her heart?

What Happiness Looks Like is available on Amazon.comContinue reading “Sneak Peek: What Happiness Looks Like by Karen Lenfestey”