One-liners Valentine’s Edition

attempt at romanceIf your book were a conversation, what is the one sentence someone might overhear that would make them want to listen to more? Let’s see if you can intrigue, entice, and invite readers with one line from your book. Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, let’s go with something romantic. Or an attempt at being romantic. We don’t care which. (Just keep it safe-for-work, please.)

Go ahead and show off your writing chops. This feature is NOT restricted to bargain books. One line per book. One entry per comment, please.

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Just put the following information in the comment section:

1. ONE SENTENCE of narrative or dialogue from your book (not a paragraph – not an exchange between characters, and no F-Bombs or sex scenes);

2. The title of the book from whence that that gem of writing came;

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1. He puffed his chest out like an anemic rooster, then swept Lila off her feet and threw her over his shoulder.
2. Triple Dog Dare
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So let’s give it a try, shall we? Please make sure to follow the RULES above. Now, go ahead and entice the world with your best shot. IU is a safe-for-work site. PLEASE do not post links to erotica, religious, or political titles.

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48 thoughts on “One-liners Valentine’s Edition”

  1. 1: “Caring about another opened a man to weakness, a definite liability in a spy.”
    2: Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulumhttp:
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  2. “He fingered the small box in his coat pocket. Every day, Lizzie surprised him, but today most of all.”
    Winter’s End by Rebekah Lyn

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  3. She brushed a finger against my cheek and batted her long lashes at me.
    – Death and Taxis: an Al Pennyback mystery by Charles Ray

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  4. That had to be a first. Arranging a date over a dead body.

    This is from Killer’s Countdown my first book which is not yet published so no link as yet I’m afraid.

    I’m enjoying all the other comments on here. Some great books.

  5. Waiting on the other side of the door was a freshly shaven man with a pizza and a smile that drove the rain back toward the sky.

    The Joke’s on Me


  6. She absorbed the smell of him, the Adam smell, infused with coffee, pancakes, and fresh, clean air from sitting in the open window.

    Don’t Tell Anyone

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  7. She starts with his eyes, because that’s all she sees: giant brown eyes, long-lashed, reflecting her, tracing her, shaping her, mixing her with light, as if he’s finger-painting on her skin.

    Drawing Breath

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  8. She never thought she would miss him like this, so physically—as if he had done something to her body beyond words or thoughts, tuned her to a specific key only he could play, and she hadn’t realized how subtle and how profound the change had been until he cut himself out of her life.

    Sliding Past Vertical

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  9. 1. “I am only a dead Sciomancer, but I must warn you of fire and kisses.”
    2. Tredan’s Bane by Lita Burke
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  10. Falling prey to flattery, Beauty and Good lead the elements from the crystal’s confines causing space to resound with a thunderous rainbow flash
    The Book of Complements

  11. “I don’t love him like I thought I could, like I thought I did at one time did.”
    Wilderness Heart by Jacqueline Hopkins

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    (Woke up this morning to a missing 4* review, had 20 total, now only 19 🙁 )

  12. I found I couldn’t picture a future without Joseph in it; any other alternative left me unbearably sad.
    Fissured: Book Two of the Pipe Woman Chronicles

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  13. I was beginning to wonder whether I should consider losing my inhibitions.
    Saving Susie

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  14. Single Guys are all about low maintenance. They can go through an entire week and never have thoughts more complicated than these two: 1) Cute girl. Wonder what she’s like? 2) Can I eat this?
    from “You Gonna Finish That Dragon?”

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  15. She closed her eyes and tasted his tongue, inhaling the musky scent of sleep, painting him with her body.
    Bad Traffick

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  16. Now her purring was joined by his, and she felt it for the first time, the rawest of his emotions, all of it pleasure, attraction, caring, but also fear, profound sadness, and love – deep, deep love.


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  17. His lips moved against my neck, forming silent words; I had a feeling they were the sort of words that he wasn’t ready to say aloud and I wasn’t ready to hear.

    Call Out – LB Clark

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  18. “We were sitting in a crowded restaurant looking into each other’s watery eyes and it felt like we were the only people who existed.”

    Shattered Reality by Brenda Perlin

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  19. “We were in love, and that love trumped everything else; I could have been anywhere with him, and it would have been just fine.”

    Burnt Promises by Brenda Perlin

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  20. The manure pile was the last place Leo Richards expected to find the love of his life.

    Cowboys and Olympians by K. Rowe

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  21. It may make sense to the rest of the world, but, to me, it is an inconvenience and until Corinne came along, unreal, unattainable, and unnecessary in order to be happy.

    Danny’s Grace- Dawn Hawkins

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  22. 1: “The horse, panicked and blinded by the pain in its eye, backed up and kicked Rellnost in the side of the head.”
    2: Through Kestrel’s Eyes: Book Two of Earth’s Pendulum

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  23. 1: When he turned back to Merrist a slow grin wreathed his face. “I be walkin’. Ye healed me.”
    2: The Dreamt Child: Book Three of Earth’s Pendulum

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  24. “I understand,” Ian said to her, then whispered, “I’m a little nervous about a dragon, myself.”
    Deception Peak (The Ian’s Realm Saga)

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  25. “Thinking about the many ways we must choose to either love or murder, she turned toward home and the man who might soon pay the price—deserved or otherwise—of her eventual decision.”

    Endless Joke: An Alternative Writing Manual

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  26. It’s not as if you just turned into an alien. You’ve always been one.

    Curse – Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy by Dale Furse

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  27. 1. I hate war. War kills. War maims. War orphans. It leaves a deep scar not only on the land that will take years to heal but also in the hearts of those who are affected by the war.
    2. Shattered by the Wars (but Sustained by Love)
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  28. “Now… I’m going to wash from your face, down as far as possible; and then from your feet, up as far as possible,” and then showing me her dimples and lovely teeth again, “And you can wash possible yourself.”


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  29. “Wait!…” he whispered, “Do you want to ruin my reputation.” And before I knew it his lips were against mine, and we were in each others arms kissing passionately.
    ‘Heather Skye Wilson Is The Psychic Warrior’

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  30. They cried over lost family, lost love, homeland and freedoms, empathising on emotional levels that have no physical expression, except perhaps in the act of physical love making. Eventually, as naturally and seamless as their whole communication had been, they made love.


  31. Although we had been friends for nearly ten years, we had never been so physically close for so extended a time, and I have to admit, with all the wine, the heady perfume of the flowers, and the magic in the twinkling lights, dancing with Joe was more than a little alluring.

    (Just something I’m working on.)

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