Holy Head-Hopping!

2009.06.08.treefrogMy name is Lois and I am a head-hopper. Admitting that I am afflicted with this ‘disease of the pen’ is the only way I can begin the healing process.

The truth is, there is quite a bit about the craft of writing that I don’t know. I was not a creative writing major in college. While in college I filled blue book after blue book in English and French, analyzing politics and the literature of others. Point of View was a concept as foreign to me as the book Plunkett of Tammany Hall may be to you.

Before I go any further I would like to reference an excellent post here written by IU author Chris James. When I read it the first time, and the second and third time, I tried very hard to understand all of it. Unfortunately, the way that I learn is by doing. I need to practice something over and over again until I get it right. Continue reading “Holy Head-Hopping!”

Featured Book: Money Emission for Everyone

Money Emission for EveryoneMoney Emission for Everyone
by Olga Foertsch
Available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon DE.

What does money emission really mean?

Money emission covers the creation of money and its initial distribution into the cycles of economic processes. As such, it is much more vital than we assume in ensuring the continued survival of human civilisation. The fact that banks currently have exclusive rights to emit money is a reality, but it need not necessarily be so.

In her new book, Olga Foertsch examines money in its capacity as an aid for the economy. She demonstrates how and why the free entrepreneurial sector was gradually denied access to such an important business sector as money creation.

Nonetheless, an analysis of prevailing problems or grievances is not the goal of this book. Instead, the author describes a concept for a new monetary system: an idea which she considers perfectly feasible.

Written at the intersection of information technology, economics and sociology, this book guides us through a topic most of us do not think about every day. “Money Emission for Everyone” introduces the most important aspects of the concept, from the underlying logic of the necessary technical communications processes through to the daily business of an emission manager.


Adding Google+ Comments to your Blogger Blog

Google plus commentsThe idea of having a blog is not just to sell books – although, hey, if someone’s moved to buy mine after reading one of my posts, I’m not going to stop them. But ideally, you’re blogging to offer your thoughts and ideas to the Universe, and maybe even get a dialogue going.

“Having a dialogue” implies that your readers are responding to your posts. And yet, one of the biggest problems I had when I began blogging on Blogger (also known as Blogspot) was that people had trouble leaving comments. Blogger’s native comments system had multiple quirks – the sign-in process was kind of crazy, and oftentimes it wouldn’t let people post replies at all. I ended up with comments about my posts on my Facebook page, on my Facebook timeline, on Google+ – everywhere but on the actual post. Makes it hard to get a dialogue going.

Blogger users, as well as Blogger itself, had come up with several workarounds. I tried a few, and they worked, more or less. But really, you shouldn’t need a workaround for something as basic as allowing a reader to comment on your blog. Continue reading “Adding Google+ Comments to your Blogger Blog”