Book Brief: 500 Miles to Go

500 Miles to Go500 Miles to Go
by J. Conrad Guest
Genre of this Book: Romance
Word count: 77,000

Gail had been Alex Krol’s girl since high school. She fell for him before she learned that he risked his life on dirt tracks during the summer months to the delight of the fans who paid to see cars crash—the more spectacular the wreck, the taller they stood on their toes and craned their necks to see the carnage.

When Alex makes his dream to drive in the Indy 500 come true and he witnesses the death of two drivers in his first start, he must ask himself if his quest to win the world’s greatest race is worth not only the physical risk, but also losing the woman he loves.

This book is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & NobleContinue reading “Book Brief: 500 Miles to Go”

How to Create Book Club Questions for your Novel

rj crayton libraryGuest Post
by RJ Crayton

As authors, we want our books read, and what better place than at book clubs? So, if your book is chosen by a book club, one thing you can do to make it easy for the group (besides writing a great book) is give them questions.

Many books published nowadays come with a series of “Book Club” or “Discussion” questions at the end. So, how do you create these questions for your book? Continue reading “How to Create Book Club Questions for your Novel”

Amazon Author Central Refresher Course

Author Central LikefestMany authors are unaware of the excellent resource provided by the Author Central page. If you can’t afford, don’t have, or don’t want a website – your Author Central page is a great substitute. You can send people there to read more about you, see and hopefully buy your books, watch videos, read tweets, blog posts, and more.

Amazon Author Central pages are free. Each time we vet a book, we check to make certain a book is linked to one. If it’s not, you’ll be advised to make that happen before we run your feature. After all, if people can’t see all your books in one place and/or get to know you a little better in their book purchasing process – that sort of defeats the purpose of running a feature, doesn’t it? That’s akin to running an advertisement and listing a disconnected phone number. Epic fail.

Getting your own Amazon Author Central page is fast and easy. We have a number of tutorials here on Indies Unlimited to help authors take advantage of all the features Author Central offers. And now, here they are – in one convenient place just for you. Continue reading “Amazon Author Central Refresher Course”

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