Lynne Cantwell is this Week’s Flash Fiction Champ

Congratulations to Lynne Cantwell, whose entry won this week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge.

The voter-selected story is recognized with a special feature here today and wins a place in our 2014 Flash Fiction Anthology, which will be published as an e-book when this year’s challenges are completed.

Without further ado, here’s the winning story:


Yosemite hoary marmot by K.S. Brooks
Yosemite hoary marmot
by K.S. Brooks

Marvin, the Magic Marmot
by Lynne Cantwell

“Oh, Marvin,” I sang, placing a ripe strawberry at the opening to his burrow.

He poked his head out. “What now?” he groused. Spying the berry, he snatched it up and nibbled at the tip. “Ugh,” he said, wrinkling his nose. “Too green.” He devoured it in three bites. Then he gave me the hairy eyeball. “Are you still here?”

“I need a favor.”


“I’ll give you more strawberries,” I wheedled.

He sighed, puffing out his cheeks. “What is it?”

“I need $250.”

“Sorry. I gave at the office.” He dove back into his burrow.

“A whole pint of strawberries!” I called.

He poked his nose back out. “What’s it for?”

“My car needs new tires,” I explained. “And I need the car to get to work.”

“My heart bleeds for you,” he snapped. “Oh, all right. Bring me the strawberries and you’ll have your money.”

“Got ‘em right here,” I grinned, pulling the package out from behind my back. He dove in and began stuffing his snout. “Uh,” I said. “The money?”

Still chewing, he waggled his tail. “There. Now get lost.”

“Thanks!” I called as I headed back to my car.

On the way home, I felt a sickening jolt. The guy behind me had rear-ended me, knocking my bumper off.

“Listen,” he said, “I don’t have insurance. I’ll just give you $250, okay?”

“One of these days,” I muttered as the guy put $50 bills into my hand, “I’m gonna wring that marmot’s neck.”

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