Hot July Releases

Need some beach reads? Here are some cool new books to take with you.

Mazie Baby 120x177Mazie Baby by Julie Frayn

Sick and tired of her husband’s beatings, Mazie Reynolds plans her escape. When his attentions shift to their 12 year-old daughter, escaping may not be enough.

Mazie Baby is available from and Amazon UK.

ILLUMINOSITY 120x177Illuminosity by Vicky Savage

It’s do or die time for inter-universal voyager, Jaden Beckett. Her pursuers don’t know it yet, but she never makes the same mistake twice.

Illuminosity is available on and Amazon UK.

Left Hand Kelly 120x177Left-Hand Kelly by Elisabeth Grace Foley

Lew Kelly’s emulation of his ex-gunfighter father brought trouble once—now, will old wrongs be righted, or will disaster strike again?

Left-Hand Kelly is available from and Amazon UK.

Born To Be Liked 120x177Born to be Liked – Living on Facebook by Alex Oriani

Born to be Liked is the first book that, with a blend of humour and science, uncovers what we (really) do on Facebook and why we do it.

Born to be Liked – Living on Facebook is available at and Amazon UK.

Scorched Earth 120x177Scorched Earth by Lynne Cantwell

Sue has three weeks to raise millions for research into a supergrain that could end world hunger – if it didn’t have dangerous drawbacks.

Scorched Earth is available through, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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