Book Signing Check-Lists

Bowersock Book SigningThere have been several excellent guidelines posted here in IU about book signings. To mention a few: K.S. Brooks (1), Brooks (2), StoreyWyer, and Hertzberger.

If you’ve been taking notes, you’ve probably noticed that book signings can be wildly different depending on the venue, the time of day and the planning. You may have also figured that book signings can require a lot of effort and may show little in the way of monetary payoff, but the fact is they can be invaluable for getting your name out there and may result in sales spikes after the fact.

I recently did a book signing and felt it was very successful, so thought I’d share my experience here. Continue reading “Book Signing Check-Lists”

How to Resize a Photo – Mac Edition

So you want to resize a photo and you own a Mac. The process is really simple and you only need the software that came on your machine. (For instructions on how to resize a photo on a PC this article is for you.)

To start, simply find the photo you wish to resize using the Mac’s Finder (the little happy face you use to find files), and click to open it. Mac automatically opens photos in its Preview software. Presuming you still want a copy of the image at the original size, the first thing you are going to do is SAVE AS and rename the file.

IMG1_cover_resize Continue reading “How to Resize a Photo – Mac Edition”

Recognising a Crisis Part 2

Dont-Panic1I wrote in Recognising a Crisis Part 1 about some of the ways we prevent ourselves from processing disastrous information, this time I’m going to take a step back in time to the moment an emergency begins.

You’ll have been in a building when the fire alarm goes off…what’s everyone’s initial reaction? A test, a prank, a short-circuit. If someone collapses in public, or starts choking at a restaurant maybe, the usual first assumption is that they’re larking around. Most first responders will have had the experience, multiple times, of being met at the scene of an emergency by someone wringing their hands and repeating ,”I didn’t realise it was real.” Of course, while dealing with their guilt for being human they are now delaying you getting on with your job, but that’s a whole ‘nother article. Continue reading “Recognising a Crisis Part 2”