Indie Reads – September 2014

Indies Unlimited does not review books, but we do have a couple of renowned reviewers on staff. We thought a great way to celebrate indie writing would be to ask those reviewers for their top indie picks of the month. Here are this month’s top picks from our experts:

life first rj crayton 120x177Life First
by RJ Crayton

“It’s packed with tense moments, gripping moments, tender moments. …there you are, unable to turn the pages fast enough.”

Read the rest of the review by Cathy Speight.

Life First is available through

The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg 120x177The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg by Ernie Lindsey

“I was surprised at how much I liked this book. The clues were fun to try and figure out, and not too easy…”

Read the rest of the review by BigAl.

The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg is available on

The See Through Leopard 120x177The See-Through Leopard by Sibel Hodge

“This is a beautiful, educational, and inspirational story to be enjoyed by all ages. I would encourage everyone to pick up this book, read it, and then share it with a friend.”

Read the rest of the review by ?wazithinkin.

The See-Through Leopard is available at

Three Ways by Mike Markel 120x177Three-Ways by Mike Markel

“The climax was exciting and even though at that point whodunit was apparent, it took an unexpected twist…”

Read the rest of the review by BigAl.

Three-Ways is available through

The Eagles Shadow by Keith Nixon 120x177The Eagle’s Shadow by Keith Nixon

“It’s a compelling story with political infighting, war strategy, and family dynamics, all playing a part in the tale.”

Read the rest of the review by BigAl.

The Eagle’s Shadow is available through

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