Five Ways to Overcome Fear and Build Confidence

5 steps for builing confidence and overcoming fearLast week we discussed fear in our writing careers. After reading comments, both public and private, I decided to take things one step deeper this week. After all, it’s easy to say, “Don’t let fear get in the way of your success.”

Many of us recognize our fears. How do we overcome them? Can I tell you to just go and talk to the bookstores and you’ll conquer your fear? Hardly, it’s much more complex than that. With that in mind, here are five easy steps to help you build confidence and chase away your fears. Continue reading “Five Ways to Overcome Fear and Build Confidence”

Featured Book: The Art of Secrets

The Art of SecretsThe Art of Secrets
by Vicky Adin
Genres: women’s fiction
Available from Amazon.

Life is tough. People hurt other people. They either abuse, manipulate or isolate them. Emma is young and already hates the world. Charlotte is old; she’s always hated the world. They both hide behind a façade. They both need redemption. Will they find it by sharing their pain?

Writing for Robots?

reading robotAs writers and authors one of our main goals is to attract readers, preferably ones who will actually buy our books and not expect to get them for nothing. To that end we try to figure out how to reach those readers and, once we do that, entice them to buy.

One of the most common questions asked among writers is, “How do we find our audience?” The advice on how to network, and which media sites will help us best, keeps shifting as new ones emerge and existing ones change for the better – or not. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the information, let alone make the best choices that will work for our particular offerings. Opinions about what works and what doesn’t are almost as plentiful as authors. Continue reading “Writing for Robots?”