What? Facebook Changes That Might Help?

Facebook makes changes for the positiveIs Facebook making changes for the better?

This past week, Facebook altered a few items that might actually help users rather than the attract the almighty dollar.

Let’s start with ads. Did you know that you could hide certain ads? If you keep seeing ads that annoy you or don’t apply to you, you can tell Facebook that it’s inappropriate. When you hover over the ad you’ll see a small “x” in the upper right-hand. Click the “x” and you’ll view a general list of reasons you might not like the ad. Select whichever applies and Facebook will display another list to choose a more specific explanation of why you do not like the ad. Presto, no more ads from that brand. Continue reading “What? Facebook Changes That Might Help?”

Featured Collection: The Mr. Pish 2015 Calendars

pish head for farm sign clear2015 is around the corner. If you’re a fan of outdoor learning, literacy, great photography, and, of course, dogs, then you should check out Mr. Pish’s new 2015 calendars. This year, the famous traveling terrier is featured at America’s National Parks.

Mr. Pish visited 41 States, Washington DC, and 7 Provinces of Canada to discover awesome places to share with his readers. His love for exploring is evident in these full-color calendars.

Want more Mr. Pish? The Mr. Pish Educational Series currently contains six books, five calendars, and fun, educational apps for Apple and Droid products.

Click a calendar to learn more about it!

Mr. Pish 2015 hanging calendarA Year with Mr Pish Calendar COVER 2015

Microcerpt Exploits Power of the Excerpt

Microcerpt_homeA website has emerged with the goal of introducing readers to books through the power of excerpt.

Microcerpt, which is free to authors and readers, allows authors to post short excerpts (Microcerpts) from their books onto the site. Readers can browse the excerpts, and if they’re tantalized by one, buy the book. Continue reading “Microcerpt Exploits Power of the Excerpt”