June Video Trailer View-fest

YouTube_FINALRecently, our RJ Crayton schooled us on how to make a video trailer for free using YouTube’s video editor. Check that out, then come back here and post a link to ONE of your video trailers below so we can show it some love!

This is how it works: If you are an author, in the comments below, paste in the link for your YouTube book trailer video. (ONE trailer per person, please!) Make sure you show some love to the links in the comments above yours, and check back throughout the day to catch up.

This should be fun and should generate a lot of likes, follows, etc. for everyone who plays. Iโ€™ll kick things off with ours: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxpeL2u7FIk. (Okay, so that’s not a book trailer, but it’s pretty cool anyway!) Now letโ€™s get the party started!

Don’t sweat it if your trailer embeds. We’ll fix it.

PLEASE be sure to reciprocate by liking those who like you. This is give and take. If everyone plays by the golden rule, we all benefit.

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62 thoughts on “June Video Trailer View-fest”

      1. Sandy, is this book available now? If so, I would suggest adding your Amazon link into the Basic Info section of your video. That way, people can click straight from your wonderful trailer over to Amazon where they can purchase your book! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great video, though. Good luck with it.

      1. Short and to the point! The music is for sure, apropos! Now I’m off to Amazon and Goodreads for more info. Nice Job!

  1. My book “Highway of Spirits” will launch on Kindle & Createspace on June 19th. My trailer is undergoing final edits. I plan to release it on the day I publish, or should I release it earlier?

      1. What I don’t want is to get views without the working link to my website with a “buy” button on it. Please feel free to comment/criticize and all suggestions will be considered.

    1. Hi Linda. I have a suggestion for you. Every time you comment that you like a trailer, it gives everyone here an email, filling our inboxes with unnecessary emails. IU sometimes has trouble with this practice because a post generates too many emails, causing IU to get accused of spam. If you leave your liked comment in the comments below each youtube video, it avoids this problem and benefits each trailer with comments on their video.

    2. Thanks Richard. Sorry about that. I thought that’s what I was doing…leaving a reply on each one individually. I didn’t realize each one would go out in a separate email.

      1. No need to apologize, Linda, we here at IU appreciate your participation. Each time a comment is posted on this blog, those who have subscribed to comments receive an email notification. So, if there are 10 commenters who are subscribed and someone posts a comment on each of their videos – that’s 100 emails generated. If you comment directly on the video on the person’s YouTube channel, that prevents the emails from being generated by IU and it starts a conversation on the actual video. Many times, people will just post at the bottom of the IU comment thread “Liked everyone up to here” so they can keep track of who they’ve liked. Whichever way you choose to do it, don’t worry about it. We’re glad to have you here.

        1. Oh, I just realized that I’ve been guilty of the same thing! We should comment on the YouTube site, not here – that makes sense. Except once in a while make a comment “liked everyone up to here” just so we can keep track. Finally got it.

  2. James Dean? LOL!
    Is he really part of the pantheon in the book? Because that’s hilarious, whether for reals or just kidding! At first I thought the voice-over person was over-doing it, being too dramatic, but when I got to the James Dean part, it cracked me up and I realized the voice was just right! Well done! I don’t see how this could hurt you.

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