The Rise of Technology = The Rise of Indie Authors and Publishers

indie author at work pixabay robot-507811_640The other day, my internet went out. Not a huge problem; there was a cable cut somewhere and it was fixed within 24 hours. I can live without Facebook for 24 hours, right? That’s not a necessity.

But I was working.

Oh, sure, I could still write, and I did, but I couldn’t do anything else. I had been seeing to some last-minute confirmations for a couple of workshops I’m teaching for a continuing education program. I was trying to get a reservation at an upcoming book festival. I was organizing a book signing in a town across the state. I was corresponding with a neighboring library about another book signing. And I was wanting to shout to the world that one of my books was a finalist in a book award contest.

And I couldn’t do any of those things. Continue reading “The Rise of Technology = The Rise of Indie Authors and Publishers”

How the Book “My Blog Traffic Sucks!” Helped This Author

BLOG TRAFFIC SUCKSFor any “How To” book to be useful, it has to be at the right level for your stage of development in the technique you are learning. Too far ahead and you won’t understand it. Too far behind, and you already know the stuff.

My Blog Traffic Sucks is exactly the right level for me: about two steps ahead. I was already doing about 3-1/2 of the 8 techniques, and knew something about two others. The rest was over my head, so I won’t be following Steve Scott’s footsteps that far.

The greatest value in this book is that, at its level, it is comprehensive. I have hundreds of websites bookmarked, telling me ways to improve my blog, my sales, and my writing. I never look at them. Continue reading “How the Book “My Blog Traffic Sucks!” Helped This Author”

My Kindle Scout Adventure, Part 1

kindlescout logoI needed to do something different. My book sales had stalled and I was searching for ways to connect with readers – new readers. So, at the beginning of September I submitted my latest, unpublished manuscript – The Dead List – to Amazon’s Kindle Scout program.

Here’s how it works: Continue reading “My Kindle Scout Adventure, Part 1”