Getting in the Christmas Spirit

vicki-lesage-authorGuest Post
by Vicki Lesage

It’s only October yet it seems Christmas books are everywhere! It makes sense, though. As the air turns crisp, we order pumpkin-everything and holiday lattes. Decorations go up earlier and earlier. It’s fun to get in the holiday spirit, and that carries over to books as well.

So, as a writer, how can you join in the fun? Depending on what genre you write in, here are a few ideas that might work for you: Continue reading “Getting in the Christmas Spirit”

Can Your Book Marketing Be Detrimental?

author marketing_bubbleIn a world where purchasers often need to see a product as many as twenty times before they decide to purchase it, is there anything an author can do, in terms of marketing, that is bad for their book?

I pose the question, even though I don’t entirely have an answer. I am leaning toward yes, but first let me tell you why I posed the question. An author I know told me something they were planning to do to market their book. I thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard. (And, NO, I won’t tell you what it was.) While I can be fairly blunt, I’m not blunt enough to blurt out that I think an idea is completely idiotic. I did, however, ask, “Do you really think that will be effective?”

The author’s response. “Can’t hurt, can it?” Continue reading “Can Your Book Marketing Be Detrimental?”