Dealing with Emotions as We Write

author despair-513529_640I’m writing a particularly dramatic book right now with its fair share of tragedy and sadness. The story concerns an elderly lady with Alzheimer’s but then goes deeper than that, into family secrets and how they hurt everyone involved. Although I’m injecting lighter moments into it here and there, there’s no denying it’s a depressing subject. Every time I write a serious passage, I can feel it in my body. I feel heavy, low on energy, pessimistic. I might leave the book to go do some household chore and still feel the looming heaviness of it, as if I’d just heard that someone was dying. I can pinpoint where it’s coming from, of course, but that doesn’t dispel it. Then I have to ask myself: Do I want to dispel it? Continue reading “Dealing with Emotions as We Write”

What Can Wattpad Do for You?

wattpadI first heard about Wattpad from a post right here on Indies Unlimited. At that time, I was trying to find outlets to publish my YA sci-fi for free so readers could discover it. I checked into Wattpad and found it quite easy to set up an account and get rolling. Continue reading “What Can Wattpad Do for You?”

Remembering Author, Poet, and Playwright Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, Oct 16, 1854 – Nov 30, 1900

While he was in prison, Oscar Wilde wrote De Profundis, a lesser-known work. I say “work” because it was 50,000 emotionally charged words written under abhorrent conditions over a three-month period. Unlike The Importance of Being Earnest, one of the most successful plays of all time, or his remarkable novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, this work was not written for commercial purposes. Continue reading “Remembering Author, Poet, and Playwright Oscar Wilde”