How Indies Unlimited Works – 2015

Indies Unlimited LogoOver the short time since its inception, Indies Unlimited has become one of the most heavily trafficked websites for people interested in indie writing, publishing, marketing, and reading. We’re honored that so many people are saying such great things about us.

With the word spreading, this means we encounter a lot of new folks who have never seen anything quite like Indies Unlimited and who don’t know quite what to make of it.

We thought it might be nice to provide a sort of guided tour, so people could get a better handle on what our site is about, what we do, and what we don’t do. Continue reading “How Indies Unlimited Works – 2015”

Book Marketing and Social Media: Do I Have to?

book marketing and social mediaIndies Unlimited recently received a letter from a reader packed full of questions about social media and book marketing. Should I join Twitter? Do I need a newsletter? My book won’t be released for another year; should I start marketing now?

Shawn Inmon wrote a very helpful post covering various marketing strategies he’s found to be useful and that he wishes he’d begun sooner. But as the minions sat around the gruel pot discussing the issue, I brought up the possibility that a “nay” post might be in order to share a different point of view. Continue reading “Book Marketing and Social Media: Do I Have to?”