Thrifty Thursday: Fabulous February eBook Deals

awesome book deals aheadThat’s right, it’s February and Thrifty Thursday! And have we got some bargains for you! That’s right, here at Indies Unlimited each Thursday, we make it super easy for you to find hot free and 99 cent eBook deals. Make sure to tell your friends to come on over to Thrifty Thursday and check ’em out!

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45 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Fabulous February eBook Deals”

  1. Free Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Solopreneurs
    By Karen Banes
    Free tools, apps and resources to help you run your blog, website or other online business on a shoestring budget.

    Always 99 cents

  2. The Rogue Horse Recovery: An action mystery thriller with a South Florida beat
    by Chris Poindexter
    “Miami Vice on steroids !!! Very captivating read. – D Hustin

    FREE on February 4th

  3. Self-Confidence: 16 Proven Ways to increase your Self-Worth
    by Sara Wellington
    In this book, you’ll discover simple but proven tips that can help you build up that elusive self-confidence.

    FREE on February 4th – 5th

  4. 4Vegan Bundle: 4 Vegan Cookbooks in ONE: 240 Delicious Vegan Recipes And 4 Week Beginners’ Vegan Diet
    by Green Protein
    4 Best Sellers in ONE!

    FREE until February 6th

  5. 1. Valiant: Damsel in Distress
    2. Lynn Sheridan
    3. Unwanted attention from vampires, a brutal police force and an all powerful aristocracy. What’s a girl to do?

    5. It is always 99 cents

  6. Blink (Utility Company #1)
    by Will Swardstrom & Paul K. Swardstrom
    Agent Smith and the Utility Company investigate when portals to another world begin opening up all around the country.

    Just 99 cents for a limited time!

  7. Build a Mate: A Holiday With Love Novella by Janice Croom
    Can a brother from another planet find love?

    Only 99 cents
    Free with Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime

  8. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    “A quick, entertaining, wonderful story”—Amazon review. Love and unusual friendships develop in a French village.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  9. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  10. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled and painfully shy but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  11. Dark Tidings
    by Ken Magee
    Ancient magic collides with the Internet. How can such a major disaster be so funny?

    99c until the end of February

  12. “Incontinence Man”
    by K. S. Brooks & Nicholas Forristal
    Can a bumbling superhero save Gothingham from a sexy nurse with an alter-ego?
    FREE 2/4/206

  13. The Island Game: The Inside Story of Seaward Isle
    Joni Parker
    Journalist Olivia Richards investigates the Elf island known as Seaward Isle.

    99 cents

  14. Owl’s Eye View Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1
    Terri DelCampo
    A dark fiction monthly featuring columns, poetry, and short stories written by Terri DelCampo and her ongoing fictitious characters.


    Lori R. Lopez & Blaze McRob
    In a world gone mad, the apocalypse has arrived. Can Elvie and Ed save the planet? Can they save themselves?


  16. Podcast Pillars: 15 Strategies For Creating Quality Podcasts
    Adam Duncan
    Discover the keys to quality content creation.

    99 cents (2/4 through 2/15)

    Morgan St. James
    What would you do if you were 42, had 3 glorious weeks in England and lots of gorgeous young Englishmen?

    99 cents at Amazon and Smashwords until March 30. Then back to $2.99

  18. The Case Of The Tattooed Buttocks: An Inspector Cullot Mystery
    by Alan Hardy
    Following the murder of two blonde bombshells at Bounderdales Mansion, Cullot is called in to solve the case


  19. The Case Of The Pinioned Bosoms: Inspector Cullot Mystery Series Book 2
    by Alan Hardy
    After two murders at his hotel in the Swiss Alps, can Inspector Cullot stop there being a third or even fourth?


  20. Finding Luck with Roland McCray .99 through February!
    Blaine Coleman
    “I hope this isn’t the last book of Roland McCray stories because I really would like to see another- even teenage Roland is a joy to know!”

  21. Valentine Pets and Kisses (boxed set)
    Rachelle Ayala & 13 other best-selling authors
    14 brand-new romances from award-winning and bestselling authors.
    0.99 until February 14th

  22. Trees from dirty Seeds
    Sajithra K
    This book is a juxtaposition of a handful of my poems and micro essays with art from the past.


  23. A Dog in the Fog
    Tanja Russita
    Three simple stories for beginner readers. Throughout, elegantly simple pen and ink drawings are matched with simple, yet funny and witty words.

    99 cents from Friday till Sunday (5th to 7th of February)

  24. Fate of an Empire
    by Jonathan Pasquariello
    A gritty wartime fantasy with epic battles, devastating magic, and deep characters to anchor a dark and twisting plot line!
    $.99 on Amazon (Free with KindleUnlimited)

  25. Husband Sit
    by Louise Cusack
    Crazy meets desperate in this romantic comedy that nails the highs and licks the lows of one woman’s struggle to reach sexily-ever-after.

    99 cents until release on Feb 17 when it reverts to $3.99

  26. Charity’s Soldier: Shapeshifter Romance (Werewolf Romance Book 1)
    by Lisa Hill
    All is not as it seems when secrets start to come out darker than any of them could have imagined.

    Permanently FREE on store

  27. The Music Inside: Inner Techniques to Tap Into Your Potential, Change Your Beliefs and Create a Fulfilling Career
    by Jenny Clift
    This book will help you start changing on the inside, take action, make outside changes and feel great about the results and yourself.

    FREE until February 9th

  28. 1. Crowdfunding Confidential: Raise Money For You and Your Cause
    2. Kristen Palana
    3. Crowdfunding Confidential is a clear and EFFECTIVE guide to successfully planning and launching an online campaign that meets its goal for you or someone in need.

    5. 99 cents Feb. 8-12

  29. How to Start an Online Business: Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle
    by Emilie Pelletier
    How to Start an Online Business – A Step-by-Step Guide

    FREE until February 9th

  30. The Book of Desire – Anne
    Marilyn Kahr
    Will Anne find herself after she reads the ancient book she has stumbled upon, or will she lose herself in The Book of Desire?

    Always 99 cents!

  31. Inspired
    Adam Brannigan
    This book is like a flu jab for pessimism and as you start each day with a dose of enthusiasm it will encourage you to set out and achieve your goals.

    99 cents always

  32. The Braille Club
    J.A. Kerr
    “‘ORIGINAL” and merited. Kerr has crafted a well-written story around a unique idea. Writing style and execution delivered flawlessly.

    0.99c until 14th Feb

  33. The Beauty of Monorhymes
    By Sushobhan Choudhary
    This book consists of 8 Monorhymes and 1 Non-Monorhyme. All those poems get their true meaning behind summary given at their end.

    99 Cents for 18th Feb. to 21st Feb.

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