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indie heroes logo darkIt’s not often that you run into someone who makes a profound impression on you. Let alone someone who might see you as competition. But that’s not how my friend Blaze McRob operates. He’s sincere, funny, and pretty darned honest when it comes to the craft. I met him way back in 2010 when I was looking for someone to give me an honest opinion on a supernatural thriller/horror novel I was working on. After finding him on a horror author Facebook page, I messaged him and asked if he’d look my over book and see if I was even on the right track (since I’d never written horror). To my delight, he agreed, read it, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

That one novel started a long friendship which has even spanned to a working relationship. For the last six years, he’s been friend, confidant, mentor, and a fellow veteran who I can share my triumphs and failures with. When IU came up with the idea for articles on author/mentors, I was more than happy to send Blaze some questions which I hope you find interesting. He’s had a LONG history of writing and certainly a fascinating one. So without further ado, let’s get to know Blaze McRob:

Kathy: How old were you when you first discovered your love of writing?

author blaze mcrobBlaze: I’ve been writing since the age of nine. Nothing I wrote was short. They were all novel length. I won’t say they were perfectly edited, but the stories were good ones, I feel. I had a horrible stutter then and writing was my way of getting my thoughts across, at least to myself. I never did show anyone my work at the time. I felt that there was no reason to share with others. My earlier works are now being re-written and edited and will become novels, thanks to my near-perfect memory.

Kathy: Why are you drawn to the horror genre?

Blaze: Horror represents the truth to me. I am a pessimist at heart and don’t care for flowery tripe that paints a picture of Nirvana where none exists. That doesn’t mean I don’t hold a glimmer of hope in my heart that humanity will wise up. I just haven’t seen a lot of it.

Kathy: Have you always written under your name or have you used pen names or ghost written?

Blaze: I was a ghostwriter for many years and wrote some seventy-five novels with other authors’ names on them. Now, I am doing everything under my current Blaze McRob brand. People can write their own stories now.

Kathy: What types of things inspire your stories?

Blaze: Real life inspires me the most. My horror is mainly of a psychological nature. There is plenty to find in this world of ours, past and present. Dreams are also a great source of story fodder for me. When I sleep, I settle into a non-stop dream world, a sort of theater of the mind.

Kathy: Why did you decide to go indie publishing?

Blaze: I like the control. My wife, Terri DelCampo, and I do everything. We edit for each other; Terri formats and does art; and I do the marketing. That works out well. The only thing we pay for are our book trailers, which we do for all of our books now. Beverly Cialone does those for us at a great price.

Kathy: Who is your favorite author(s)?

Blaze: I love many authors, but I married my favorite author. Terri DelCampo. She has a great literary styling. Next to Terri, I strive to be my next favorite author. I’m not sure if and when I’ll hit that mark, but I certainly want to put out some books that readers will enjoy.

Kathy: Have any of your stories been made (or optioned) into movies?

Blaze: Yes, I have had a number made into movies, both TV and big-screen, and some optioned, as well. I view it as an interesting side-journey associated with writing.

Kathy: If you had to pick a favorite book or story you’ve written, what would it be?

Blaze: So far, I would have to say Ghost No More, a rather unusual horror novel where the end days are not what people expect at all. And the heroes are not who anyone thinks should fill the job. This is a good versus bad novel where white and black are blurred.

Kathy: What advice would you give to fledgling authors?

Blaze: Learn the craft: punctuation, sentence structure, flow, no boring back-story told at the beginning that goes on forever. Edit your work until it’s great, then have a real editor edit it. No one can edit their own work. Make certain your formatting and cover art are great. If you don’t have money for these things and want to put your book out anyway, you’re a fool. Don’t publish garbage. Sometimes it’s possible to barter for services. Maybe you have art skills and can do cover art for an author who’s a good editor as well. That sort of thing. But make certain you’re dealing with professionals.

Kathy: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Blaze: Still writing novels, and selling the buggers. That’s what authors do, isn’t it?

And there you have it, folks, a short interview with my mentor, Blaze McRob. Had it not been for him, I probably wouldn’t have as many books published today as I do. Mentors are there to provide feedback and sometimes little nudges to get you going in the right direction. If you have the opportunity and find a good mentor, count yourself lucky because they have the power to help your writing career grow.

Author: K. Rowe

K. Rowe is an experienced and prolific multi-genre author. She draws from over twenty years of active Air Force service. Kathy lives in eastern Kentucky with her husband and a zoo of farm animals. Among her many duties she finds time to offer services as a publishing consultant for new authors. Learn more about Kathy from Facebook, and her Amazon author page.

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  1. Thank you for this, Kathy! I am honored you asked me to join in on the fun this month at Indies Unlimited. There are so many great authors, some already spot-lighted, and more to come. What I enjoy is the fact that with our mentor-ship, it went two ways. I learned a lot from you, my friend. Thank you.


  2. Kathy, thanks for sharing a piece that underlines the importance of establishing relationships that are two-way–and showing that writers don’t always have to be so ALONE.

    1. Thank you, Gordon. Your historical novels have me interested. I’ll have to get reading away. Kathy found some great links for me with one I’ll be doing. Historical horror will be new to me.


  3. Blaze has been a friend of mine for a long time…ever since he read my The Last Vampire and called it “the best end of the world book I’ve ever read and no one could write a better one”. I’ve been featured on his blog many times as a long time horror author. I was just wondering what he’s been up to and now I know. Yes, he is a great writer, a wonderful mentor and a sweet human being. Hi Robert! Your friend (who just got full rights back to all her 22 novels, after 32 years with publishers, last year and self-published all of them!) , author Kathryn Meyer Griffith

    1. Hi, Kathryn! I’m still your biggest fan, you know. I’m so glad you got back the rights to all your books. I still tell the world about the great author you are, and there is no end in sight to that. In fact, I’ll be having a post up soon on my website about you and your great books. Stay well, my friend.


      1. And you stay well – and be happy too- my friend. I’ve had a very hard year (my sweet brother passed away after fighting that horrible cancer for three years) and am just now coming up to breath and begin writing again. Life! I will email you later about what I’ve been up to. Kathryn

        1. I’m sorry for your loss, Kathryn. I know how much your brother meant to you.

          By all means, let me know what you’ve been up to.


  4. Great to meet you, Blaze, and thanks to Kathy for putting you in the spotlight. “Writing and selling the buggers” is indeed what authors do. 🙂

    1. Great to meet you too, Lynne. I love your great articles here on Indies Unlimited. Your books are great, as well. I own some of them. Write and sell more of the buggers. 😀


  5. What a great guy! First, that he so generously helped you when you were starting out, and second that he acknowledges the two-way street of mentorship. Oh, and the pic with the halo is perfect! LOL Wonderful interview, Kathy. Thanks for introducing us to the genuine person behind this writer’s brand.

    1. Thank you, Candace. You are most kind. Helping Kathy was pure joy. Like I said, I believe I got more information and help from her than she got from me. One thing I’m extra proud of, though, is the fact I convinced her that Dar, her sci-fi hero, is truly great. I love every book in the Dar collection. 😀

      The halo is quite an interesting happening. I was at the World Horror Convention last year and just happened to sit in the perfect place. The lights spread out perfectly in the photo. In real world photography, the halo would have been dark.


  6. Thank you, Kathy, for the wonderful article about Blaze. You know, I became acquainted with him in a similar way – he reviewed my monthly, “Owl’s Eye View Magazine.” We began messaging back and forth as friends and colleagues, and then things got romantic, and now we’re married. And writing/editing/publishing partners. You never know where writing will take you. Your article is wonderful, and it’s heartwarming to read how my darling husband has helped others, and know that he is loved. Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Terri. One never knows where writing will take someone. For me, it has enriched my life. I am blessed with many friends, and the greatest wife a guy could have.


  7. Really like your straightforwardness and you sound like a pretty fun guy. Man, I wish I could marry an editor too.
    ; )

    P.S. Kudos to being the first author I’ve seen in someone else’s blog actually respond to all the commenters. Pure class, sir.

    1. Not only did I marry an editor, David, but Terri did the formatting and cover art on my last six books as well. She is a wonderful lady, and I am so lucky to have found her at this stage of my life.

      Thank you for the kudos about commenting back. I believe it is only right to take the time to respond to people kind enough to say they enjoyed meeting me. A person can never have enough friends, sir. I have met some great people doing just that.


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