First Chapters Anthology

There’s been a lot of talk here on IU about anthologies. I mention anthologies as a way to get yourself an Author Central page as newbies break into the authoring industry in this post here. And Lin Robinson wrote a two parter about the benefits of anthologies here.

That got me to thinking – how could authors who are pressed for time and drained of energy – how could they participate in an anthology? How about by sharing works they’ve already written? What if we could get twenty-two authors together and compile the first chapters of each of their novels? Well, we did. The result is an anthology called First Chapters which features twenty-two former and present Indies Unlimited minions…uh, I mean authors. Continue reading “First Chapters Anthology”

Anthologies (Part 2)

Last month I posted on the use of anthologies–book length collections of writing by several writers–as an optimal way for writers to break in, build “platform”, and promote their work and brand. This week I’ll examine it from the other side: the publishers, editors, curators, or whatever you want to call people who conceive, collect, and produce anthologies.

There are advantages to the “supply side” of this literary format, as well as the submission end. Hey, it’s a publication credit where somebody else provides all the content. It can help establish you as an editor and publisher in a pretty graphic way. There are few better ways to establish contacts with writers in a given field: not only by posting general calls for submission, but also as a “license” to contact writers of more prestige and request the honor. It’s an excellent promotional vehicle: just as you provide a boost to the various writers by the work of creating the book, you–and your line or imprint–benefit from their combined promotional efforts…and you can advertise your other works in the back pages. It’s a powerful tool for charities, causes, or communities: a large percentage of multi-author collections come out under some collective aegis such as a church, writer website, academic department, or cause like AIDS awareness or Breast Cancer prevention or Humane Society outreach. Continue reading “Anthologies (Part 2)”

The Benefits of Anthologies

This post is about an under-appreciated form of “platform building” that has a lot more side advantages than the ones you normally hear about. The concept of “platform” has become distorted. Originally it meant that you have a presence or recognition that will fuel sales. You’re a famous athlete, a major radio preacher, a business seminar star, a slut who sleeps with politicians: a ready-made brand for your work. I always said that a platform isn’t something you do or get, it’s who you are. Continue reading “The Benefits of Anthologies”

Indies and Charity: A Great Mix

This past summer I was invited to contribute a short story featuring Kate Jones, the main character from a popular thriller series I write, to an indie anthology for Halloween. Since it was for a worthy cause (Doctors without Borders) and because the mastermind behind the anthology was Jen Blood, a mystery writer whom I respect immensely, I jumped at the chance. SERIAL SLEUTHS Vol. 1: Haunted just went live on as an ebook, and 100% of all net proceeds go directly to DWOB. I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this awesome collection.

Being involved in the anthology was an amazing experience, especially so because it’s a collection of short stories from five professional indie authors. This means five serious writers with varying experience in everything from book cover design to editing, formatting to promotion, to publicity. Everything went smoothly and everyone contributed. It was, in a word, fantastic, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Continue reading “Indies and Charity: A Great Mix”