The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Multi-Author Boxed Set

MultiAuthor_FromPixabaybooks-441866_1920One piece of indie author advice that gets passed around a lot is, “Join a multi-author boxed set.” According to some, joining a set can increase your visibility and get you in front of new readers and possibly earn some cash.

If a newbie writer is interested in boxed sets, what do you need to know? Here, we’ll go through everything a would-be boxed set author needs to know.

What is a multi-author boxed set? Continue reading “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Multi-Author Boxed Set”

Multi-Author Boxed Set – an Overload or a Success?

Sugar and Spice Boxed SetYou’ve probably all heard of a multi-author boxed set by now. Yes – a bunch of authors get together and each put in one book, then they sell this pack for 99c, usually as an introductory price. Some then raise the price; others make it a short term publishing gig. From a reader’s point of view, it is a very sweet deal. As an author, you make peanuts, but here are some of the good things that can come out of a set like this… Continue reading “Multi-Author Boxed Set – an Overload or a Success?”

Designing a Horse: Anthology Groups

Moose Photo by K.S. BrooksIt’s been said that a moose is a horse designed by a committee. Pulling together a group of indie authors to create a short-story anthology might seem like a similar exercise. But it doesn’t have to be.

Anthologies can be a great way to showcase your work to a wider audience. Fans of other authors participating in the project will also see your story, and maybe they’ll like it well enough to buy one (or more!) of your other books. You may even gain readers who aren’t familiar with the works of any of the authors involved, but who are willing to try a sampler of new talent.

Lin Robinson wrote posts here and here about the mechanics of creating an anthology. But how do you get involved in one? In my case, all I had to do was say, “I’m in.” Continue reading “Designing a Horse: Anthology Groups”

The Benefits of Anthologies

This post is about an under-appreciated form of “platform building” that has a lot more side advantages than the ones you normally hear about. The concept of “platform” has become distorted. Originally it meant that you have a presence or recognition that will fuel sales. You’re a famous athlete, a major radio preacher, a business seminar star, a slut who sleeps with politicians: a ready-made brand for your work. I always said that a platform isn’t something you do or get, it’s who you are. Continue reading “The Benefits of Anthologies”