Authorgraph – Sign eBooks for your Readers!

authorgraph logoRecently I stumbled across a new (to me) feature, enabling me to send a personalized digital autograph to my readers on request. It’s called Authorgraph, and if it sounds familiar, two years ago Kathy Rowe wrote an article on Kindlegraph, its predecessor. (If you go to, you’re redirected to Authorgraph.) But while Kindlegraph was solely for Kindle-users, Authorgraph now can be used by all eBook reading devices.

The one thing I like about this is that it tends to remove an eBook from the cold, impersonal void of cyber space and put a warmer, friendlier twist on it. I think we all enjoy the very personal give and take of buying a physical book from an author and having that personalization and signature on the title page. It separates that book now from all the other books that are otherwise identical to it. It marks it as ours. It commemorates a meeting of minds and hands, a connection, an exchange.

So how does Authorgraph work? Continue reading “Authorgraph – Sign eBooks for your Readers!”

How Do You Want That Signed?

logo_paypal_106x29Personal appearances are great for selling autographed copies of your print books. But if your tour budget is similar to mine, it can be more practical to offer signed books a different way. Say, through your blog.

I have a Blogger blog – that is, one whose URL ends in – and on it, I have a page called, “Buy My Books Here!” I built the page using my own cover images and PayPal “Buy Now” buttons. You can do the same thing with a WordPress blog or site – setting up the PayPal button is the same, regardless. You’ll need a PayPal business account, but that’s easy to set up, and very similar to setting up a personal account. At the top left of the PayPal home screen, click “Business,” and they’ll walk you through it.

Once you’re logged into your business PayPal account, you’re ready to set up your button. Click the “Merchant Services” tab and then click on “Make payment buttons for your website.” Continue reading “How Do You Want That Signed?”

Will you sign my yearbook?

For most people, the angst of thinking up a pithy signature line was over with the last period bell.

For them, there is no more worrying about all the ways a book owner could be dissatisfied: It wasn’t personal enough. It wasn’t long enough. It wasn’t funny enough. It wasn’t smart enough. I still remember the poor freshman schmuck who signed, “have a neat sumer”. Yes, s-u-m-e-r to be ridiculed for all eternity.

You, however, may be fortunate enough to relive that autograph frenzy with your own print book. What? You say you used to hide in the bathroom until it was over? Well, if you’re really lucky as an author, you’ll be put under a spotlight in the middle of the cafeteria–I mean, store–so that everyone can gawk at what a loser you are because no one wants your book, let alone your signature.

There will, however, be at least one person who feels enough pity to approach your table. It might be your mother but you should still be prepared and make it count. So here are some tips: Continue reading “Will you sign my yearbook?”

Autograph your Kindle? Sure!

An author friend of mine, Jack London—no, not the dead guy— Jack Woodville London came up with a unique idea: if you can show him that you have his books your Kindle, he’ll autograph a cute little cotton bag silkscreened with his books on it. Adorable, and just the right size for a Kindle or smaller tablet. But I asked him what he did when someone in another part of the country or world wanted his autograph. His reply: “Come see me!”

Not all of us can afford to hop a private jet somewhere to do a signing. So for those of us who can’t just be everywhere at once, here’s a neat idea: Kindlegraph. It’s a FREE service offered that allows readers to connect with their favorite authors and get an “autograph” for their Kindle books. How does this work? Continue reading “Autograph your Kindle? Sure!”