Book Brief: Jax & Marbles

Jax  MarblesJax & Marbles
by Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell
Genre: Fiction
Word count: 60, 216

Things in life don’t always go as planned, especially when it comes to certain life events. That was something Julian and Alexia were learning the hard way. Passing away at a young age was something that had caught Julian off guard. Losing touch with her best friend had left Alexia feeling lonely and confused. Both felt alone in two completely different worlds, not sure if they would ever come across someone they could truly trust and depend on. But then one fateful evening, Julian was given the chance of a lifetime to fill an empty void in someone’s life – while getting a second chance to live the one he’d lost.

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Book Brief: Upon Your Return

Upon Your Return
by Marie Lavender
Genre: Historical Romance
Word count: 97,426

Fara Bellamont has been back in society for a year after leaving Cluny Abbey, where her uncle sent her long ago. When he chooses a suitor for her for marriage, she fears that she will be forced to marry a stranger and live a miserable life. But, Fara finds herself thrust into an adventure of a lifetime when unforeseen circumstances cause her to place her trust in a strange man for protection. His intervention not only saves her, but puts her in an even more compromising position. Grant Hill, a trading captain, is enchanted by the young heiress not only because of her beauty, but because she is hardly conventional. Underneath her ladylike exterior lies a tigress. Grant cannot help but offer his protection as she is in need and he is far from immune from her charms. Fara just never bargained on the passion that she feels for Grant Hill. As events unfold, she must decide whether her desires and the dictates of her heart should trump the rules of society…

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Book Brief: Stumbling Through the Dark

Stumbling Through the Dark
by Thelma Zirkelbach
Genre: Memoir
Word Count: 62,000

In October 2004 Thelma Zirkelbach’s husband was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia and began a journey from which he would not return. As he fought cancer, she battled her own demons: fears of loss and loneliness and the absolute certainty she could not survive without him. But she did survive to record their final year together with all its anger, beauty and pain. An interfaith couple, their different ways of dealing with death added more tension to an already dark year; yet they stumbled along together and after his death she trudged along on her own. Early in her widowhood she discovered a Yiddish proverb that translates to, “When one must, one can.” She resolved to make that her mantra and to strive to fulfill the prediction her husband made shortly before he died: “You’ll be all right. You’ll do something good.”

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Book Brief: Queen’s Gold

Queen’s Gold
by Melissa Bowersock
Genre: action/adventure
Word count: 63,300

Hal Thompson is a pretty ordinary guy. A widower who owns his own small business, he’s doing his best to raise his two nearly adult children alone. When they convince him to undergo a hypnotic past-life regression, he is unimpressed that his “memories” reveal the hiding place of ancient Aztec gold. Other people, however, take it very seriously and when his family is threatened, he is forced to plunge into the jungles of Mexico, battling treacherous terrain, lethal wildlife and the haunting feeling of a love that spans centuries. Can he find the gold before it claims more lives? Or will he lose the love of his life … again?

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