A Book Launch Tale: Planning with Abandon

author rb frankGuest Post
by R.B. Frank

When I planned my first book launch, ignorance is bliss worked just fine for me. Most people research a topic and make decisions with their accumulated information. Makes sense, right? Yeah, too much of anything is not a good thing (even wine). I got sucked into the vortex of blogs, twitter postings and online articles. Then I realized if I spent lots of time down the rabbit hole of internet links, my thoughts would never coalesce into a real plan for a book launch. I would forever research, vacillate and procrastinate with an ever-changing definition of a book launch and never jump in. Continue reading “A Book Launch Tale: Planning with Abandon”

New Book Launch and Marketing

Yvonne's book launch - 02So your baby is in the hands of your editor and you look at a blank screen asking yourself, “What now?” This is the stage that gives new writers their biggest challenge. IU is here to help.

If you’ve been reading the advice on social media you will have already begun to let your potential fans know the book is near completion. You’ve posted the cover on Facebook and Twitter and your blog/website. You’ve posted regular updates or tidbits there as well for the last three months – to keep the anticipation going. You’ve collected email addresses and organized them so you are ready to send out invites to all those who have given you permission. No? Don’t beat yourself up. I suck at all that, too – but now that my fourth novel is almost here I’ve been learning. So will you. Continue reading “New Book Launch and Marketing”

Creating an Indie Author-Bookstore Symbiosis

Author Shaun McLaughlinGuest Post
by Shaun J. McLaughlin

When I began as an indie author early in 2012, I felt an affinity to indie bookstores. After all, we both struggle against the book industry establishment. Because I wanted a hometown outlet for printed versions of my books, I collaborated early with Mill Street Books. It serves Almonte, a town of 4,200 west of Ottawa, Canada, and a surrounding rural community of fewer than 10,000 others. In two years, that one store has sold 115 paperback copies combined of my three books. It is a profitable symbiotic relationship.

Symbiosis n: any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship

Mill Street Books always supports local authors. Owners Mary and Terry Lumsden showed immediate enthusiasm for the idea of a joint book launch. Continue reading “Creating an Indie Author-Bookstore Symbiosis”

Book Launch Party – After

You may remember my earlier post about setting up my online book launch party, the Friendly Ghost Party, to celebrate the launch of my new novel, Stone’s Ghost. At the time, I promised an report on the results, and here it is. Continue reading “Book Launch Party – After”