Remembering Author, Poet, and Playwright Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde, Oct 16, 1854 – Nov 30, 1900

While he was in prison, Oscar Wilde wrote De Profundis, a lesser-known work. I say “work” because it was 50,000 emotionally charged words written under abhorrent conditions over a three-month period. Unlike The Importance of Being Earnest, one of the most successful plays of all time, or his remarkable novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, this work was not written for commercial purposes. Continue reading “Remembering Author, Poet, and Playwright Oscar Wilde”

Tell Me a Story

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems like every fifth indie author I meet is writing some kind of genre fiction – sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, romance….

Oh, wait. Apparently I’m not that far off the mark. The Guardian ran a story this week about how indie books accounted for more than twenty percent of the genre e-books sold in the UK last year. The stats come from Bowker Market Research, which ought to know a thing or two about book sales and distribution.

Bowker says trad-pubbed books still dominate when dead-tree volumes are included – just two percent of all books sold in the UK last year were published by indies. But when only e-book sales are tallied, the percentage of indie books pops up fast. And when you look at only genre fiction, we indies own a healthy slice of the marketplace. Continue reading “Tell Me a Story”