The Cult of Koo Kway by Jay Mims

The Cult of Koo Kway
by Jay Mims

Dan, Abbey, and Doc are all back and so is trouble in this second novel by cozy mystery author, Jay Mims.

Dan’s sister Jules, high profile criminal defense attorney, has asked for his help with a very dangerous client.

Just as soon as Dan takes the case, Doc shows up poisoned on Dan’s doorstep and the only clue is a reference to an old movie, The Cult of Koo Kway.

This book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Be sure to check out Jay’s blog as well. Here is an excerpt from The Cult of Koo Kway, by Jay Mims: Continue reading “The Cult of Koo Kway by Jay Mims”

Featured Author: Jay Mims

Jay lives about two miles past nowhere, after you turn off the paved road. When he’s not catching up on episodes of Scarecrow and Mrs. King he writes, mainly to stave off boredom.

In addition to somewhat eclectic tastes in television and movies, Jay reads voraciously. He enjoys compelling stories with strong characters, and will gladly read anything from comic books to Steam Punk, Harlequin romance to Kenneth C. Davis’ fantastic history books.

Jay enjoys long walks through the countryside, laughing with friends, and learning to draw something better than stick figures. His dearest ambition is to personally thank Janet Evanovich for proving that fast talking characters can be charming and goofy simultaneously. Continue reading “Featured Author: Jay Mims”


Author Madison Johns

Madison Johns is a self taught writer who started writing at the age of 44 for no apparent reason, as if it were preordained. She then pounded out a book a year for the next three years and published her first novel May 1, 2012.

Her caring nature led her to the healthcare field where she was employed as a nursing care assistant at a nursing home, and it was there that she was inspired to write her first cozy mystery, Armed and Outrageous.

She resides in Saginaw, MI, with her husband, two children, and delightful cat Misty.

Her novel, Armed and Outrageous is a murder mystery. She says of her main character, “Agnes Barton is not your typical senior citizen living in Tadium, MI, on the shores of Lake Huron. She drives a red hot Mustang, shops at Victoria’s Secret, rankles local police officials, and has a knack for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Armed and Outrageous is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK or Smashwords.

What does a murder that happened forty-three years ago have to do with missing tourist Jennifer Martin? Agnes makes it her personal mission to find out, and she’s not letting the fact she’s seventy-two get in the way.

Butting heads with Sheriff Clem Peterson is something she’s accustomed to, but lately Clem seems to be acting even more strange, making Agnes wonder what he may be hiding ala the Martin disappearance.

Agnes’ partner in crime, Eleanor Mason tags along, Watson to her Holmes.

Together, they unearth clues. If only Eleanor would behave, as although lovable, she has a knack for getting into trouble by tangling with her rival, Dorothy Alton, or flirting with anyone—male or female—and gossiping! She’s incorrigible, but she does carry a Pink Lady revolver in her purse, one that has proved useful at times.

Life for Agnes and Eleanor is shaken up when Agnes’ former boss and secret crush comes to Tadium. Before long, the lady sleuths have more on their hands to contend with as goons roll into town and bullets begin to fly.

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