What? Facebook Changes That Might Help?

Facebook makes changes for the positiveIs Facebook making changes for the better?

This past week, Facebook altered a few items that might actually help users rather than the attract the almighty dollar.

Let’s start with ads. Did you know that you could hide certain ads? If you keep seeing ads that annoy you or don’t apply to you, you can tell Facebook that it’s inappropriate. When you hover over the ad you’ll see a small “x” in the upper right-hand. Click the “x” and you’ll view a general list of reasons you might not like the ad. Select whichever applies and Facebook will display another list to choose a more specific explanation of why you do not like the ad. Presto, no more ads from that brand. Continue reading “What? Facebook Changes That Might Help?”

The Perfect Facebook Post

Increase Facebook interactionsWe’ve posted to Facebook so many times that we could do it in our sleep. What’s the best way to share content on Facebook in order to hit the News Feed? As we’ve written before, only a fraction of our content makes the cut.

TrackMaven recently completed a study where they analyzed over 1.5 million Facebook posts. According to their research, here’s the list of things that give your post the best chance to go viral. Continue reading “The Perfect Facebook Post”

The Secret World of EdgeRank (and you thought Amazon was bad?)

Facebook is the primary social domain of most writers and readers. While Goodreads may be more specific, no one can come close to the 1 Billion people on Facebook. However, we struggle with standing out in that huge crowd. Last week, I posted a few tips on what to do to get your posts in front of more eyeballs and you can find that post here.

Apparently, this struck a chord. A couple of the Indies Unlimited stars decided to try out a few of the tricks, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. First, let me give you a little more background on how Facebook works. Continue reading “The Secret World of EdgeRank (and you thought Amazon was bad?)”

Google+ and Facebook Just Got BIGGER!

Two changes occurred last week in the two biggest social media platforms.

This is really big!

You might have noticed that your cover photo on Google+ is all messed up. They have recently changed the dimensions, allowing you to add bigger pictures. It’s really simple and worth the few minutes to fix the profile.

Get to your Google+ page by logging into Google and clicking your name in the upper left-hand corner. From there, click on your current profile picture in the upper right hand corner and select “view profile.” Immediately, you’ll see the problem: the new over-sized photos are 2120px by 1192px, leaving you much room to play. Continue reading “Google+ and Facebook Just Got BIGGER!”