Writing on Our Walls – Our Facebook Walls, That Is

writing on the wall facebook graffiti-482367_640I’ve written about using your author’s Facebook page to build you platform several times before, here and here. Still, in almost every authors’ group I belong to, I hear the familiar refrains: “Facebook sucks.” “I’m not paying Facebook to show my posts to my own fans.” “Facebook stopped working when they changed their algorithms.” Those things may be true for many writers, but they are not true for me. After my mailing list, my Facebook page is my second most effective free platform builder.

In my previous articles, I shared a few of my strategies for building up your traffic and fans on your Facebook page before — post consistently, don’t post about your books constantly, put links that lead off Facebook in the comments of your posts instead of the body of your message. Here’s a new idea for you, though — write. You’re a writer, so write. Continue reading “Writing on Our Walls – Our Facebook Walls, That Is”

Tips for Increasing Visibility on your Facebook Page in 2015

Increasing Visibility on your Facebook PageIt’s a new year and the Facebook changes to privacy settings — how others interact with you and what you see — are now in full force. You can read about these changes here in a December post here on Indies Unlimited.

Now that things are different, how do we get the most from our Facebook Pages? As we know, Facebook has crushed organic visibility for Facebook Page owners. It’s quite simple why — they want you to buy ads.

Let’s talk about how we can increase our visibility within our Pages and maximize your exposure while playing the Facebook game. Continue reading “Tips for Increasing Visibility on your Facebook Page in 2015”

Is Anybody Staying On Your Facebook Page?

We all spend time posting things to our Facebook Pages and look with excitement at our Insights. Reach, Likes and Talking About This are tantalizing statistics that make us think that we are connecting with others.

The reality is, only about seven percent of your followers see your page on any given day. Continue reading “Is Anybody Staying On Your Facebook Page?”