How to Find the Right Images for your Blogs, Ads, and Social Media

In today’s high-tech world, one thing reigns supreme: images. As authors use social media and blogs to discuss their books, images are a crucial component to making those posts pop.

While your book cover should definitely be designed to catch eyes, that’s not the only image you’ll want to include. For blog posts, you’ll want images that can speak to what’s being said and make your reader want to dive into the post. For social media posts, you’ll often want a nice background to make people stop scrolling and take notice.

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Even More Free Tools for Authors

Free stuff for authors

Over the years, Indies Unlimited has provided all sorts of links to free resources for authors including pictures, music, fonts, video editors, and more. We’ve even got a dedicated resource page for this. We’re always updating that page, and it already includes the sites I talk about below.

Now we’re back with even more. (As a reminder, always check the license, because licensing sometimes changes over time.)

I’ll cover the biggies first.

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More Free Graphics Tools for Authors: OpenClipArt

Free stuff for authorsOver the course of my three years with Indies Unlimited (yep, three years!), I’ve written quite a few posts on free author tools and resources, enough so that K.S. Brooks created a resource page here. All these years later, I’m still compiling a list of sites I find helpful for authors on a budget. Behold the following free graphics resource: Continue reading “More Free Graphics Tools for Authors: OpenClipArt”

Free Resources for Writers

FreeSelf-publishing involves so much more than simply writing a book. Whether you contract with various experts for help or go it alone, once you make the decision to self-publish you’re responsible for graphic design, accounting, marketing, formatting, and so much more. A person could go broke wearing all those hats.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post outlining several places to obtain free music and photographs under a Creative Commons license. Today, I want to introduce a few more sites that offer free resources for writers. As always, it’s good practice to give proper attribution even if the site doesn’t require it. See the aforementioned post on ways to do this. Continue reading “Free Resources for Writers”