Author Tools: Blogger LinkUp

Being an indie author can be liberating – but it can also be isolating. Maybe you belong to groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads and more. In an attempt to get the word out to more people, you write guest posts for each other’s blogs – but in the end, you’re really “socializing” in the same circles. How do you expand that?

Author and entrepreneur Cathy Stucker started Blogger LinkUp for exactly this purpose – “to help bloggers get exposure for their content and find content for their blogs.” How does it work, you ask? Well, let me tell you, and yes, it’s free. Continue reading “Author Tools: Blogger LinkUp”

Getting the Most From It

Indies Unlimited has a large complement of staff writers with a wide array of expertise. We also provide a multitude of features designed to promote indie authors and their books. Don’t forget the tutorials, the like-fests, and the flash fiction contests. There is a lot going on here, all of it aimed at helping you.

The question is: do you really get the most from it? Maybe you subscribe, maybe you comment from time to time. That’s great. Do you also share IU posts you like? If there is an interesting discussion going on here, do you tweet about it? When you are on LinkedIn and a discussion comes up related to something that was addressed here, do you bring it up? Continue reading “Getting the Most From It”

Big. Fat. Mouths. by B.C. Brown

Author B.C. Brown

What do writers do? We write; we sculpt and mold words into breathtaking displays of art that will, hopefully, endear themselves to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world.

How do writers do this? We touch fingertips to keypads, or mar clean, white paper with ink or graphite sticks; we lay down lines of scratchy, spidery letters or pound out digitally-formed words until letters transmogrify into ruthless villains, romantic love interests, or thrilling action sequences.

What keeps a writer from doing all this? Our Big. Fat. Mouths.

I’ve been in the writing game a lot of years. I picked up a pencil to write before I understood rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling properly. Those things are important to publishing but not to writing. What is important are the stories. Continue reading “Big. Fat. Mouths. by B.C. Brown”

May I have your card? by Elena DeRosa

Author Elena DeRosa

Before I published my first eBook, Fractured Façade I pondered the best/cheapest way to get the word out on a local level. I no longer lived in Brooklyn, so hawking it on the subway was out, as was selling eBooks from an open car trunk. I could don two sandwich boards — the book cover on my chest, and the website on my back — troll the streets of Roanoke, ring a bell and wail, “Bring out your dead! I mean…Buy my book!” Nah. Too much work. Besides, I’m looking to cut my interaction with the public, not increase it.

The best marketing/promotion style for me would be a passive/aggressive approach using a “leave behind.” One where I could deal with people if I chose to, but my preference would be a quick hit and run, leaving my calling card which somebody would stumble upon and find intriguing enough to take. That’s what I went with. And, it’s been working pretty well. Continue reading “May I have your card? by Elena DeRosa”