An Interview with Lars Lundgren

Chick-lit, romantic comedy by K.S. Brooks and Stephen HiseAs you know, April is Mr. Pish month at Indies Unlimited. If you don’t know that yet, you do now. In any case, the novel Triple Dog Dare was inspired by the adorable pooch, so we thought we’d invite one of the characters, Lars Lundgren, to stop by for a chat.

Since Lars has a way with the ladies, we decided to keep this interview on track (not to mention PG-13) by having the Evil Mastermind himself make a rare appearance. It wasn’t easy to get the EM to come out of his bunker, or to get Lars away from his mirror, so please, pay attention. This is history in the making.

EM: Lars, it’s good to see you again. Welcome to Indies Unlimited.

LL: Do I know you? And why are you blue? Blue would be better for my fabulous eyes. The ladies love them, you know.

EM: I’m one of the authors who created you.

LL: Are you responsible for all those mishaps? You ruined a perfectly good pair of designer shoes, my watch, and assorted other accoutrements.

EM: Accoutrewhats? And no, that was Brooks. She has a mean streak.

LL: A woman. That figures. Clearly she did not deal with me first hand or she would have treated me better.

EM: So you’re saying that no woman can resist you?

LL: I cannot believe you are asking me that.

EM. I’m not really certain what that look is supposed to do to me.

LL: I am throwing daggers with my cobalt eyes. Listen, Emil-

EM: It’s EM. That’s short for Evil Mastermind.

LL: Ha! Okay, then. Look, perhaps in the next book, you should write in my new polishing school for men. For starters, I would teach you not to interrupt me.

EM: Alrighty then. How about I actually ask you a question as part of this interview? If you could have the authors change one thing about you, what would it be?

LL: That is another joke, yes? You know I am perfect the way I am.

EM: Of course. How silly of me. Earlier, you mentioned the “next book.” Are you hinting at the fact you want a sequel?

LL: You see this? I am shaking my head at you. Of course there will be a sequel. I am Lars. No one can resist me. Everyone wants more of me.

EM: Well, I’m relieved to know that. After all, I’ve raked in literally tens of dollars from the sales of your first book.

LL:Tens of dollars? Now, I am sighing. I can tell you what you did wrong. You didn’t put me on the cover. I think you should change the cover immediately, and only then will you reap success.

EM: Ahem, yes, of course. Thanks for stopping by, Lars. I’ll just note for anyone who has read this far that you are available at Amazon, and in fact, we’re running a 99 cent special for Mr. Pish’s birthday. If you have any questions for the incomparable Lars Lundgren, please write them on the back of a $20 bill and send them to me.

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