Facebook Limiting Your Organic Post Reach

This past weekend, I fell into a somewhat troubling conversation with a friend on Facebook. First, I guess, a little background would be helpful: Like a lot of authors, I have an author page, to which I tend to confine posts about my writing. For one thing, I don’t want my friends and family to feel like I’m spamming them with stuff about the writing gig. For another, I have been known to post political items on my timeline, and I don’t want to take a chance on alienating readers needlessly.

Makes sense, right? But then I had this conversation on my personal timeline. “Is Crosswind out?” my friend asked. I told her it was, and in fact, it had been out since November 20th – a good two-and-a-half weeks. And then she said that she had missed the news, which surprised her, given that we’re Facebook friends, she’s a fan of my page, and she knows me from Message Board X where nothing was posted about the book.

Okay, Message Board X is my fault. But I’ve had numerous posts on my fan page about the new book. I’ve posted links to my blog – where I ran a post about the new series every week last month – on both my fan page and my personal timeline. And yet, she hadn’t seen any of them. And this is a person who is online a lot. So what the heck, Facebook? Continue reading “Facebook Limiting Your Organic Post Reach”

Amazon’s New Kindle Countdown Deals Promotion

Kindle Countdown DealsAmazon announced a new promotion tool this past week, the Kindle Countdown Deals. Authors enrolled in KDP Select may be able to take advantage of this new program. It boils down to a time-driven discount promotion. Here are the basics of the new Kindle Countdown Deals. Continue reading “Amazon’s New Kindle Countdown Deals Promotion”

What is Teen Read Week, and How Can We Make the Most of It?

I had never heard of Teen Read Week before the lovely K. S. Brooks pointed it out to me. We have similar things in New Zealand, but on a much smaller scale. I once spoke at a local library during an event like this and it was awesome to chat with a bunch of teens about stories to do with their age group. They really got into it and asked the best questions.

As a reader, you’re always more likely to buy an authors book if you’ve had personal contact with them. Teen Read Week just might be your chance.

So – what is Teen Read Week? Continue reading “What is Teen Read Week, and How Can We Make the Most of It?”

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