Meeting Famous Authors

Efest dinner 2014 croppedI had a brush with famous authors during my vacation. Two of them, actually. And I am pretty sure they’re both still talking to me.

First, a bit of background: For the past fourteen years or so, I’ve been a member of, an internet discussion board dedicated to the works of bestselling fantasy author Stephen R. Donaldson. And when I say “bestselling,” I’m not kidding – each of his Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever books have made the New York Times list. Continue reading “Meeting Famous Authors”

What is Teen Read Week, and How Can We Make the Most of It?

I had never heard of Teen Read Week before the lovely K. S. Brooks pointed it out to me. We have similar things in New Zealand, but on a much smaller scale. I once spoke at a local library during an event like this and it was awesome to chat with a bunch of teens about stories to do with their age group. They really got into it and asked the best questions.

As a reader, you’re always more likely to buy an authors book if you’ve had personal contact with them. Teen Read Week just might be your chance.

So – what is Teen Read Week? Continue reading “What is Teen Read Week, and How Can We Make the Most of It?”

Follow You, Follow Me

July 2010 I had the idea for a book. A frustrated housewife, facing 50, would write a humorous diary about her life. However, after researching it I realised the diary format was “old hat”, so, after several more glasses of Chardonnay, I had a eureka moment. The woman would write a blog and end up making hundreds of friends online. How difficult could that be? Of course, I had to set up a blog, and then I had to find friends or as I now know them, followers.

Setting up the blog was simple enough, even for an internet dunce like me, but followers?

If I tell you that after one year of blogging I had over a thousand people following the blog, then you’ll realise it is easier than you think.

First off though, you need some way of letting people follow your blog so they know when you have posted.

I originally started blogging using Blogger as my platform. It has got even easier to use over the last two years. First, make sure you are signed into your blog. Top right of your blog will show three options: NEW POST, DESIGN, LOGOUT. Click on DESIGN then on “Layout” to be found on the left hand side. When clicked, it turns orange. That should open a page similar to this: Continue reading “Follow You, Follow Me”

Thank You for Being a Friend

A.K.A Carol Wyer

At school I was never going to be the British equivalent of the Prom Queen but thanks to being the class clown and being able to make people snort with laughter even during lessons (I’ll save how I did that for another time) I had my fair share of friends. I was not however, as popular as blonde haired, perfectly formed Mary Rose, who was admired by every girl in the school, lusted after by every hot blooded male and doted upon by every teacher.

Decades later I find myself in a similar position. No, I have actually managed to pass through school. I am talking about social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I have quite a few friends on Facebook but as far as my fan page goes, well I am not as popular as J K Rowling who has 1,117,211 ‘likes’. In fact I am some way off. Continue reading “Thank You for Being a Friend”