Indie News Beat: Miami Dice

Sometimes you come across a press article which is written in such a way that it makes you wonder where the journalist has been living for the last five years. Then, a moment later, the thought hits you that maybe not everyone in the rest of the world is a self-publishing author like you (although it usually feels like everyone is).

We’re off to The Miami Herald this week, for one of those stories that starts as though it was written in 2007. However, get past the headline and first couple of paragraphs, and an interesting and sobering story emerges of self-publishing successes – and the potential for failure. Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Miami Dice”

Self-publishing’s Catch-22

Guest post
by Ethan Jones

As I’m promoting my spy thrillers I’m sinking deeper and deeper into the self-publishing’s Catch-22: I need to become famous before anyone will give me their attention. But how do I become famous if I cannot get any attention? And how do I get any attention if I am not already famous? Continue reading “Self-publishing’s Catch-22”

Dare to Bare (all!)

Where is the centerfold?

Like many authors, I spend huge amounts of time on-line building up a strong network, getting ‘likes’ for my Facebook page, attracting followers, reading up and producing profiles on Amazon, Linkedin, GoodReads and many other sites.

I have networked so much that my typing fingers have gone stiff, my eyes hurt and I require a cushion to support my back. However, it’s what we do to get recognition and sales. You need to be ‘out there’. You need to be making your presence felt, getting people to notice you and here at Indies Unlimited we have many opportunities to help you improve your social networking skills. I have taken advantage of them all. I religiously work through each tutorial and the results are impressive.

Having now spent the best part of three years promoting my books, I have finally discovered something very valuable that I wish to share with you. To get noticed or ‘ahead of the game’ you need more than all of this. You need to be different. You need to stand out from all the hundreds of thousands of other authors there are also vying for reader’s attention. Continue reading “Dare to Bare (all!)”

Press Releases – Free Publicity

Mr. Pish Press ReleaseThere’s always discussion amongst authors about ways to promote their books.  People get caught up in blogs, facebook author pages, twitter posts, forums, etc., etc.

Long before those methods, there were press releases.  Although the technology has changed to make disseminating press releases easier and faster, it’s still a valid way to promote your work.  And most writers/authors overlook it.

Got a new book coming out?  Press release.  Win an award?  Press release.  Doing a book event?  Press release.  Just like in the days of yore.

Only you can determine who should get your press release depending on your demographic, subject matter, location, etc.  That can be a lot of work, toiling over your laptop, emailing incessantly – as you should send these emails individually and not in a group blast.  Nonetheless, it’s necessary. Continue reading “Press Releases – Free Publicity”

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