Is Your Old Blog Post an Antique or New Content?

Are you ever stuck about what to blog about? It happens. Instead of searching high and low for a topic, have you ever looked under your nose? Many of you out there have been blogging for while, and even if you started in the last year, you’ve got a ton of content right in front of you.

In the early days of your blogging, you probably had some great, fresh content that nobody saw! It’s time to brush the dust off of some of those posts and get them back into the stream. Continue reading “Is Your Old Blog Post an Antique or New Content?”

Create Eye-Popping Headlines for your Blog in Six Easy Steps

Whether you are Tweeting or writing a blog post, your headline is what captures the reader’s attention. I know that I’ve struggled with headlines my whole life. Sometimes I can sit down and pound out 800 words in minutes but it will take me an hour to figure out a six-word headline.

Headlines online are quite different from headlines in newspapers. Online headlines must stand-alone and help the reader decide if they want to click through.

So, how do you create a headline that people want to see? Continue reading “Create Eye-Popping Headlines for your Blog in Six Easy Steps”

Does AuthorsDB Fit into Your Marketing Basket?

You may have seen social media flutterings about AuthorsDB, a website that lets you enroll your books and/or your writing services in their free database and get…(sigh) free exposure. Yes, for free. Totally free. What’s the catch? Glad you asked. Well, there isn’t really much of one that I could see, even after employing Rich Meyer’s due diligence procedures. The philosophy of the site, however, reminds me of my local food coop, where you get a discount equal to what you choose to put in: slicing cheese, tagging tomatoes, putting up flyers all over town, or working the cash register. Continue reading “Does AuthorsDB Fit into Your Marketing Basket?”

Facebook’s Big Announcement? Social Search is Here … Sort of

Sample Graph Search

Well here we are, a few days since the big Facebook announcement. Has your life changed yet? Yeah, just what I thought.

We talked about Social Media and Search last week and you can find that story here. Facebook sorta did what I was talking about, but the market and the social world were a little underwhelmed by the announcement. Shares of Facebook took a hit after the announcement and as for the social world, well, you’re not quite invited, yet.

Facebook did announce a new search tool, Graph Search, that CEO Zuckerberg described as the third pillar alongside Timeline and News Feed. Continue reading “Facebook’s Big Announcement? Social Search is Here … Sort of”

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