What’s in a name, Jar Jar?

This post is more a rumination than anything approaching “advice.” Because really, if anybody knew anything about any aspect of writing that was true in all times and places, I feel like I would have seen it in my facebook newsfeed by now. Different strokes for different folks, we’re all perfect snowflakes, yadda-yadda-yadda. But here are some things I think I know about giving names to those little imps running around our narratives, couched in Star Wars terms in a blatant attempt to hold people’s interest. Continue reading “What’s in a name, Jar Jar?”

Sneak Peek: The Mobius Striptease by Carolyn Haley

The Mobius StripteaseToday we have a sneak peek of Carolyn Haley’s speculative fiction book, The Mobius Striptease.

Strange phenemona are disturbing New Atlantis, the fortress home of Dru Montclair­-a superstar whose mission is to inspire global peace through music. His lover knows that supernatural associations will destroy Dru’s credibility, so she recruits her twin sister, Madeline LaRue, to defuse them. Madeline is a psychic who suppressed her powers to live a normal life, and releases them only when the anomalies turn sinister and threaten her twin. For guidance she follows the Möbius strip, which reveals the transition point between physics and metaphysics, proving the cause to be her own conflicting passions that must be resolved.

The Mobius Striptease is available on Amazon.com and the publisher’s site.

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