What is Big Publishing Worried About?

I keep seeing reports that all is well in the world of big publishing. Some say it is better than ever. I’ve seen a number of articles that run the numbers and conclude that traditional publishing is not only well, it’s getting better.

That’s curious. Are there more people buying books than ever before? I ask, because with each passing year, indies take a larger percentage of the market share – a market that had been exclusively under the dominion of big traditional publishing.

Perhaps the difference is attributable to all the big new bookstore chains opening up. Oh, that’s right. Several of the big bookstore chains have gone under. That left a vacuum which is being partially filled by smaller stores. Here’s a horrifying thought: some of the new stores carry indie titles. Hmmm… I am at a loss to explain all the sanguinity.

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Ed’s Casual Friday: My TGI(‘m)I(ndie) moment of the day.

Warning: I’m going to talk a little bit about my own writing in this post, which I usually try to avoid on Casual Friday in favor of topics that are of more general interest to people who are not, well, me. But I’ve got a point, I promise.

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