Should I Write the COVID-19 Novel?

writing about covidOne of our staff writers is an editor and, sitting around the gruel pot the other day, she asked our opinions. Her client was in a rush to publish a book by a specific date, because it meshed with a historic event that was about to occur. It was her opinion that there wasn’t time to get the book ready. He said he didn’t care. He’d publish it now and “fix it up later.” What should she do? Continue reading “Should I Write the COVID-19 Novel?”

Take Aim at the Market with Your Writing

purchasing shopping cart e-commerce-402822_960_720I was coming up empty on post ideas. Those on my idea list I’d either already done or wasn’t feeling inspired. So I asked a couple friends. One, half in jest, said I could “write about our new dystopian future” and about what it might do to the “future of publishing.” That sent my mind off, thinking about a bunch of disparate things that somehow ended up tied together in my view. We’ll see what you think. Continue reading “Take Aim at the Market with Your Writing”

Maybe, it’s the book?

why isnt my book selling primate-460871_640With most ventures, if we try to emulate our more successful peers and mirror their efforts we can sometimes duplicate their successes. This can apply to book publishing too. In darker days, as I attempted to climb the corporate ladder, I was told to dress and act as though I was working at the position above me. Working hard and adopting the habits of successful people can help us succeed. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. We can publish our books, utilize the same formatters, cover designers, and editors that bestselling, self-published authors are using. We can advertise our work on sites that have helped authors hit the USA Today bestsellers list. And, we can connect with readers through the same social networks where top authors spend their time. All of these methods can help us climb to the top of the mountain and sell books. There is one caveat though – you have to have written a book that readers want to read. Without that all-important factor you may briefly achieve some success, but it probably won’t last. Continue reading “Maybe, it’s the book?”

How’s Your Fashion Sense?

When I was kid I didn’t give two hoots about fashion. To be honest, as an adult, I don’t really care. Give me a pair of jeans, my Doc Martin boots and a t-shirt, and I’m a happy lady. As long as I’m comfy and the mirror doesn’t crack when I look into it, I can walk out the door feeling confident.

I don’t read magazines, I don’t follow any particular fashion trends and it’s always stood me in good stead. But is not caring about fashion really a good thing?

Let’s talk writing fashion for a moment…

I’ve noticed recently on a few comment threads, within one of my Facebook groups, that the authors who have just released books in the New Adult Contemporary Romance genre seem to be taking off. It hasn’t taken long to work out that New Adult Contemporary is one hot genre in my circles at the moment. Continue reading “How’s Your Fashion Sense?”

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