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newupgradecover300 nolipsUPGRADE
by Stephen Hise
Psychological Drama/Suspense
Available from Amazon and Smashwords.

A wealthy but homely software designer undergoes a mysterious procedure that makes him attractive to others. With his newly-found good looks, he makes up for years of rejection by indulging in every opportunity. Emotionally unprepared for this bounty – he fails to realize his behavior has consequences beyond anything he imagined.

Book excerpt:

Brent understood there would be no scalpel, no bandages, no recovery time. The whole thing would be accomplished with some sort of concentrated sonic pulses or something like that. He understood that he would have to be unconscious for the procedure, but only to assure his complete immobilization so there could be no mishaps with the microadjustments.

He was told that he would become immediately attractive to people he’d never met before, or those who had not seen him in a long time, but that the effect would be more gradual on those to whom his face was familiar.

“I want this. Let’s go forward,” Brent said, anxiously.

The doctor pursed his lips and squinted thoughtfully at Brent for a moment. “You must be sure, Mr. Schoenfeld. I must warn you that beautiful people have their own crosses to bear. This procedure will merely address the issue of your appearance to others. People often think this will bring them happiness, just as so many believe wealth will bring them happiness, but you know yourself that this is not true.”

What others say:

“Stephen Hise’s Upgrade is an entertaining page-turner that will leave you stunned (in a good way) as you finish the final page.”  – Brian Beam

Video Trailer: UPGRADE by Stephen Hise

UPGRADE by Stephen HiseWhat does the man who has almost everything want? Brilliant, self-made multi-millionaire Brent Schoenfeld yearns to be attractive. He’s tired of his solitary existence which he blames on his bland appearance. He wants women to want him. Skeptical but verging on desperate, he undergoes a mysterious procedure which promises to transform him into the object of every woman’s desire: a decision that will change his life forever. One million dollars later, Brent sees no difference in his outward appearance. Yet beautiful women are fawning over him and even competing for his attention. After decades of self-loathing, the temptation for physical validation is too great, and Brent begins a sexual juggling act with cataclysmic consequences.

UPGRADE by Stephen Hise is available from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.


The Most Expensive eBook in the World

In one corner, you have the fully-bearded JA Konrath, preaching to the Indie masses to make their books more affordable in hopes they can sell more of them, therefore increasing their income. In the other corner, wearing a goatee befitting an evil mastermind, you have Stephen Hise.

Hise is trying a different approach. In fact – he’s going in exactly the opposite direction. Stephen Hise today announced he was raising the price of all available versions of his book UPGRADE, on Smashwords, to one million dollars. This makes UPGRADE the most expensive eBook in the world, obliterating the old record held by Nuclear Energy, now on sale at Amazon for a mere $6,232.00.

Asked why he raised the price so dramatically, Hise said, “I read an article by somebody or other who claimed that his sales actually increased after raising the price. I figured if I raised it high enough, I’d only need to sell a couple of copies—half dozen at best.” Continue reading “The Most Expensive eBook in the World”