We Are Your Dress Rehearsal

Author K.S. Brooks
We are watching you.

We’re watching you. Yes, we are. Didn’t you realize that? You’re always being watched. Everything you do. It’s that everything you do that gives us a sense of who you are and how you will be to work with. Perhaps you don’t realize exactly how important that is. And guess what? We’re not the only ones watching.

I’m often asked about soliciting agents, publishers, magazines, etc., probably because back in the dark ages when I started in this industry, that’s how you did it. And I did it a lot.  So I’m speaking from years of experience to provide you with the following insight. Agents, publishers and the rest all get to know you the same way we here at Indies Unlimited do.

How do we get to know you? We see if you follow instructions with your initial query. Typos in your emails speak volumes. How your book is presented for purchase is huge. Did you read our submissions requirements? We can tell, trust me. If you read them, did you observe and respect them? These may all seem like little things to you, but they’re not. Not at all. How you perform and behave is extremely important. People are paying attention. Continue reading “We Are Your Dress Rehearsal”


Yvonne Hertzberger, author

What do you get when you put three women who have never met, from three different countries (Canada, England and the Netherlands) together in a room for an afternoon? And what if all three belong to the same group, under the iron control of the same evil mastermind? Give up? Read and learn. Heh heh.

Yesterday we held the first meeting of the Ontario Chapter of Indies Unlimited, henceforth to be named the Secret Sisters Society. Membership will be limited to female writers who need to bond together to withstand the brainwashing and manipulation of our evil mastermind. Psst, ladies, keep this under your hats, OK? If the guys hear about it they will want in – and there goes the neighbourhood. Continue reading “THREE WOMEN; ONE HIDEOUT”